Top 10 Questionable Things All Moms Do (But Don't Admit)

This is a list of things all moms are guilty of whether they admit it or not. So laugh it off and plunge forward!

The Top Ten

Forget to Pick Up the Kid

I remember one time my older sister was at school, and everyone else was leaving, being picked up by their parents. They were in middle school, approximately 13 years of age, and all of them, except my sister had cell phones. Sadly, Mom forgot to pick her up for two hours, and she had thought she was taking forever, but then these skateboarders come in, seeing her there all by herself, and give them their cell phone so she can call mom. So she calls mom and asks her were she was, and SHE WAS AT HOME, IN HER BED, WATCHING T.V.. She literally thought that my sister was at her friends house this whole time, so she had to get her lazy butt out of her bed, and drive all the way there. My sister was so unhappy.

Is it 3:30 already? Wasn't I supposed to be somewhere? By the time you get to the school in a frenzied panic, your child is on the swings unaware of the catastrophe. On another note: Yes, we have all slept through the alarm clock and found it completely acceptable to just keep the kid home today. It's less work and now we can sleep even longer!

Tell Little White Lies

It was quite easy for me to smell a rat when, as a kid, I had minor roles in school plays, having only one line in the whole two hours of the production, alongside bigger kids with more actions and words to memorise and time perfectly, and according to Mum and Dad, I made the best performance. - PositronWildhawk

"You played a great game! ", "That trumpet solo sounded good! ", "It's time for bed! " (an hour before it actually is). My personal favorite: "It must be in your room somewhere! " (I threw that creepy doll away months ago).

So they tell lies about white people?

"Don't go take Mr. Jones' hat now James! If you do, he'll burn in the sun! " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Guess who came to our house last night? Santa! - TheYaoiTitanic

Throw Away Drawings and Homemade Gifts

I don't blame them I don care if they don't want a card I made when I was 8.

Yes, it's precious when we receive the necklace made out of pasta and an "I Love You" card cut out of construction paper. But, as the pile gets larger and glue and glitter take over your dresser drawer, you just have to start downsizing.

Doesn't every mom do this? - Turkeyasylum

Let Kids Eat Junk

Some days the battle is just too much and we cave. Chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, some kind of rolled up rubber they are calling fruit? Anything goes. The vegetables will be there tomorrow.


Use TV and Other Screens as a Babysitter

Remember how you swore you'd NEVER do this? But then, the kid has been screaming for an hour, your head is about to explode and you haven't seen a shower for 5 days. Elmo comes on and you finally have some relief, roll with it.

When I have kids, I'll take more time to give them a head start on learning to read, write and multiply big numbers. My parents did try, but the T.V. was a big distraction. - PositronWildhawk

Hey, yeah that's right. You're never allowed to use T.V. under any circumstances while parents are out and you're babysitting (I was 14 and that was still the case) and yet they use it all the time?! Could a mom please answer for that without 'talking back'.


Slack on Baby Books and Scrapbooks

I actually have one, but it's not what you think it is. Turns out that this "baby book" was really just a tiny pamphlet filled with all my medical records/statistics (eg. weight, height, age) from when was a baby up until I was like a teenager.

Baby books with cute little trinkets. Baby's first tooth, a lock of hair, memories caught on film. Themed scrapbooks of holidays, sports and family vacations. We all had good intentions. Now the kid is 10 and the baby book is still blank and collecting dust. Let it go.


Skimp on Bath Time

It's a process, and sometimes we just don't have the time or energy. The bubbles, the toys, the mess. A spit shine or a once over with a baby wipe will do in a pinch.

Who kids or mom

Lose Their Cool

Now and then a nasty word will just slip right out, especially when you step on a Lego in the middle of the night. And, we have all growled at our kids. Sometimes, for no reason other than we're tired! Sometimes, they had it coming. It's scary when you turn around expecting to see your mother standing there and realize the words came out of your mouth.

First time I heard strong language was via my father. He often swears over something not working. But neither of us care. - PositronWildhawk

My dad cusses a lot in Spanish. My mother does that too, but only sometimes. - Pegasister12

All the time :(

Ration Diapers

Asian parents in a nutshell!

You know how it goes, do a butt sniff and a quick squeeze of the diaper to see if it warrants changing. If it is only 1/2 full, we'll let it ride for a while. Two hours later, we realize the kid is soaked. Great job, mom.


Skip Pages in a Book

I told them they were skipping pages, so they made me read the story to them.

After you have read Cinderella 200 times, you start to skimp. When they aren't paying attention or start to nod off, we skip ahead. If this doesn't work, you can always hide books too. Why can't Dora the Explorer learn some English already?

I learned to read before she would read to me. I'd always know if she was doing this! - PositronWildhawk

I'm 12

The Contenders

Co-Sleep with Baby

At least the baby is protected in the arms of a nursing mother.

Be Overprotective
Throw Away Their Kids' Stuff While Cleaning Their Rooms

"Oh Mum! "

Steal Their Kids' Snacks
Overfeed Their Kids
Roast Their Children
Show Favoritism Among Their Children
Leave Kids in a Dirty Diaper for a Long Time
Insult Their Kids
Nag Constantly
Spoil Their Kids
Forget Their Kids in the Back Seat of the Car
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