Top 10 Things All Roblox Players Hate


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1 The stupid chat filter The stupid chat filter

The safechat is the probably the worst thing in Roblox. I've also added my email to my Roblox account and I can't change my birth date.

They hashtaged when I'm spelling first!

Everything is hashtag

The filter is SO broken! It censors words that are not even cursing. Like I can't even say "don't hurt me" without the thing coming up like "don't #### ##". Roblox NEEDS to really improve the filter cause right now its trash and whats even WORSE is if you created the account when you where under 13 and now you are 13 and older it still gives you the trash filter that over 13's don't get and you're stuck with it until you make a new account. Smh Roblox I know you can do better :/ - TheMinecraftGamer

2 The community The community
3 Hackers
4 Sponsor events
5 Games that are misleading
6 Removal of TIX
7 Too many robux scams
8 Getting reported for a stupid reason
9 Oders
10 Games getting put under review

The Contenders

11 Noobs

Who the hell put this on my list?! Everyone was once a noob and noobs are like normal players but newer to the game get your facts straight -_- - TheMinecraftGamer

12 Glitch cars
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