Top Ten Things that All Women Do or Have Done


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1 Scratch their breasts after removing their bra

Ahh...the relief! The freedom! Sometimes it's good just to keep it on that bit longer just for that feeling of sheer bliss when it's removed - Britgirl

Feels so great...

To quote Woody Allen (even if he is a pencil-neck dweeb), "Don't worry. I know how to handle ***s.";). that depends on how big and rough your hands are :). - Britgirl

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2 Check out other women

Clothes, hair, make-up, gait, bums...we can't help it! It's second nature to check out the 'competition' We probably look at other women more than men do. - Britgirl

3 Hide underwear inside the rest of the clothes when having a doctor's 'check-up'
4 Cry for "no reason"

I'm a huge crybaby.

ALways - AnonymousChick

Just because we feel like...well...crying! - Britgirl

5 Pout and try to appeal to a man's 'soft side'

Big eyes, pouting and talking girly. We've all tried it at least once. If it worked that one time, we do it ALL the time. Doesn't always work though... - Britgirl

Like I said Mr Buccaneer doesn't ALWAYS work. Just...mostly ;). - Britgirl

Aye, yer an eevil, schemin' clan, y'are (he said in best buccaneer voice:).

6 Resist holding their breasts when running up or downstairs

This is embarrassing. You're in a hurry but we'd look ridiculous if we hold them to stop them bouncing when running up or downstairs. So..what do we do? Run faster which only makes it worse. - Britgirl

Well, now, if ya need any help...;)).

7 Go to the toilet just to adjust certain body parts and have a scratch

Why can't women just freely feel around and adjust...things when we feel like it? We'd rather queue for ages for our own private cubicle just to have a scratch! - Britgirl

Well, now...;)).

8 Turn right when entering a store

Research has found that women do this because most are right-handed...ha! It's probably the side where most bargain buckets are. - Britgirl

I do this - TwilightKitsune

9 Stuff a cushion up their jumper to see what they'd look like pregnant
10 Wax/shave their legs just to feel soft bed sheets against them

There aren't many greater feelings in the world than rubbing freshly waxed or shaved legs against cool, fresh bed sheets. - Britgirl

Well, then. Hafta change mah name to Cotton Percale:)).

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11 Cook in a kitchen
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