Top Ten Things That Allow Earth to Sustain Life That Many People Never Hear About

The Top Ten Things That Allow Earth to Sustain Life That Many People Never Hear About


Many people in my class never heard about it - Toucan

Thermohaline Circulation

In other words: It's the worldwide ocean current conveyor belt-thing. - keycha1n

If this would shutdown than goodbye Europe - Toucan

Dark Matter

I've heard of this actually.

Yeah people heard about this but they don't know how it helped in the formation of galaxies - Toucan

This is indirectly related to earth,why,here's why -no dark matter no galaxies,no galaxies no Milky Way,no Milky Way maybe no earth,and so on - Toucan

Carbon Dioxide

Other than to help in photosynthesis,no carbon dioxide earth would be a freezer - Toucan


There's a saying that goes by,no bees,humans would perish in four years - Toucan

The Moon

Well many people dunno this but the moon pretty much shapped earths history and tidal waves and rotation. - Toucan

The Temperature of the Ocean

Long story short -Well there are bacteria in the depts of the Atlantic Ocean which use oxygenated water,Sice the density differance between the cold climate of the North and hot equatorial current (see the map of global conveyer belt or thermohhaline extent ) they get the oxygen but the the temp would rise these guys wouldn't get the oxygen and would produce sulphur which would cause an extingtion ( because sulphurs poisonous (i'm not sure it's sulphu or something else because I read this long ago )) - Toucan

Axial Tilt

The reasons earth is stable - Toucan


It helps dilute oxygen - Toucan


Without this maybe earth would have not gotten amino acids ( whole story about it which you'll should research about ) - Toucan

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