Top 10 Things Almost Every TheTopTens User Has Dealt With

Here are things that almost every user on The Top Tens has dealt with at least once in thier lives.

The Top Ten

1 Making a list only to find out someone already made that list

Once I made a list, and someone ese made the same list right after me, and somehow it slipped by Admin. (It did eventually get merged) - oneshot

This is the bane of my existence.
I think I've finally come up with an original idea, just to find someone else has already made it with different wording... - Rocko

Yes! Every single item on this list has happened to me at least once (some items more than others). - Britgirl

A lot if times when making a list it dosen't always show that someone already made the list and don't find out about it until your list gets merged. - egnomac

2 People bashing on your opinions

This is annoying. If you don't like my taste in music or movies, fine, but you don't need to comment.

If you don’t agree with an other opinion, at least respect it instead of bashing it. No offense, but some dumbass visitors bashed me and that annoyed me very much. - Userguy44

They Do That to Me As Well. (Such as My Opinions on Saturdays. I Hate That Day) - Rainbowkid38

This site is based off of peoples opinions guys, it's the backbone. If you don't like someone's opinion, that's fine. Let it be known. - RustyNail

So in other words, you expect everyone to agree with you? Life ain't like that.

3 People putting items on your list that don't fit the list description

This happens a lot some smartass decides to put something on the list that doesn't even fit with list description. - egnomac

Justin Bieber on a lot of those lists. It sucks! - Userguy44

How the hell are those items not removed? - Randomator

4 Submitting a list without checking it first

Too many times I submit a list but end up screwing up the title and end up misspelling words or leave out a word entirely. - egnomac

I've done this a lot were I make a list but forget to check my spelling. - egnomac

A reason why most of my lists suck. - Userguy44

Jinmy Hendrix knows - Martinglez

5 People attacking you for liking something they don't

I'm pretty sure lots of people on The Top Tens has had someone attacking them for liking something they don't which gets really annoying at times. - egnomac

6 People putting negative things on your positive list

Cough troll who adds bad albums to good lists cough - VideoGamefan5

7 Someone making the exact same list you made

People trying to get more fame is an example - KingSlayer93316

Funny how when I make a list that’s the Same as someone else’s I never get away with it but when it’s someone else of course they get away with it - Randomator

8 People writing bad comments on your lists

A certain list I made got unexpected controversy. It just really shows how unflexible and unaccepting people are towards other opinions and points of views here.

Not happened to me yet. - Userguy44

Someone pretending to be an author. Got some kids fooled... - Cyri

9 One of your lists gets merged with someone else's despite it being approved

This happened to me several times I've made several lists that got approved and then later got merged with someone elses list. - egnomac

This is one of the worst things about this site. So annoying! - NvGNick

If it’s gonna be merged I’d rather it be merged before it gets approved - Randomator

10 Making a list but not being able to see it

This has happened on many occasions on The Top Tens you make a list it gets approved you try to see it and it sends you to the main menu. - egnomac

How is that even possible? - Userguy44

I hate when this happens - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Someone sending you useless or cringy messages

I think you should only reply to a message that's positive and not cringy. If it's negative and cringy and sent by a troll, then don't bother. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Someone tried to insult me, but it sounded like a third grader trying to look cool. - Cyri

This happened to me. - Userguy44

12 Trying to add a new item but it doesn't work
13 Trying to write comments but it doesn't work
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