Top 10 Things That Almost Happened and Would've Changed History


The Top Ten

1 Hitler almost died in world war 1

If he died, it would change everything. - Martinglez

Too bad he didn’t. - 3DG20

If he did we wouldn’t have had a WW2 and the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened - Randomator

2 The Soviet Union almost teamed up with Hitler

That's good that they didn't

If they would have then the Nazis would’ve won - Randomator

That would’ve been a bad idea. - 3DG20

The world would’ve been called “The Soviet Union of the Nazis” if they had teamed up. - PackFan2005

3 Abraham Lincoln was almost assassinated before he became president

If he was the US would have split - Randomator

4 The attack on Pearl Harbor was going to go on for days
5 World war 3 was almost started
6 The Soviet Union almost invaded Japan and maybe divided it in two
7 MacArthur almost started an atomic war with China
8 Ronald Reagan was going to be assassinated

Attempted, but he survived. - PackFan2005

9 Lyndon B. Johnson was almost killed the same day as JFK
10 The Soviet Union and China almost destroyed each other in The Cold War

The Contenders

11 John D. Rockefeller misses his train

While on the way to one of his first big meetings, he missed his train. Luckily for him, the train he was supposed to be on crashed; he would have likely died in the wreck, and the biggest oil empire would have never been created. - Gg2000

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