Top Ten Things That Always Brighten Up Your Day


The Top Ten

1 Hearing a song you love on the radio

Whenever I hear my favorite sing on the radio in the car, it really gives me peace and relaxation! - NerdyPweeps

Recently, on one of the rare occasions when I tune in to the radio, I happened to hear one of my favourite songs of all time: "Kathy's Song" by Simon and Garfunkel. I've listened to it on an album dozens of times, but it felt like I was experiencing it for the first time.

"I hear the drizzle of the rain,
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls…" - PetSounds

2 Speaking to that special person in your life

He know who he is and he knows I love him.
Lovely list, PetSounds! - Britgirl

3 Seeing a rainbow
4 Spotting wildlife

Nothing is finer than catching a glimpse of an animal other than a squirrel. - PetSounds

5 Meeting an old friend by chance

This one actually makes me sad for some reason /: - ParasN2000

6 Discovering a new author

Discovering a new author is such a treat! It means a new set of books with a never before seen unique story. - Kiteretsunu

7 Finding money

Provided it's nothing too large - that's only trouble. - PetSounds

8 Buying something

No matter how big or small, spending money is always a pleasure. - PetSounds

9 Getting a letter/message
10 Taking a bath

It refreshes and cleanses my mind, body and soul! - glambert

Submerging in water always clears my mind. - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 When Bajancandian uploads a new video on YouTube
12 Someone Telling You: I Love You
13 Sex
14 Powerful Music
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