Top 10 Things Americans Do that Other Countries Think are Strange

I'm American, and for the Fourth of July, I decided, why not make this list?
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1 Not use the metric system 

In my personal opinion, the imperial system is easier, but the metric system is all in tens, and that's probably why most of the world uses it.

In Canada we use both systems but I personally prefer the metric system.

That will make us look idiotic or retarded than rather "weird" -Kevinsidis

I drink more than one gallon beer.

2 Have huge portion sizes at restaurants 

Restaurants that have huge portions are mostly the best ones. I went to this Italian restaurant near Disneyland and they gave us these big ass bowls of pasta. Hot damn that was awesome.

True. That's what takeout boxes are for.

We are the land of plenty. *shrugs*

3 Not have the tax listed on the price tag

Not only do I not want to do the math, but why bother putting 3/4 of the price on the tag when you can just put the full one?

Here in Canada we have the same problem. Price $134.97 + taxes. Annoying. Just say $155 and don't make me do the math.

4 Have free refills on drinks in restaurants 

What can I say? Do you want Mr. Krabs charging everyone in America for refills on our drinks in restaurants?

I have recently learned that this doesn't happen in other countries.

Not strange at all. England has this too.

Wait, other countries don't do this?

5 Think states are a huge deal

Okay so here's what I mean by that.
Person 1: Hello fellow American! I'm from California. Where are you from?
Person 2: Arkansas.
*That's it. They literally have nothing to talk about. But if they're from the same state...*
Person 1: I'm from California. Where are you from?
Person 2: *excited* I'm from California! Let's talk about a food chain and/or football team that only exists in our state!

If "they literally have nothing to talk about," they probably don't have much going on between their ears.

6 Have stores that sell literally everything from eggs to furniture 

I had no idea this was unusual until I started talking to a Brazilian online haha.

You mean Costco?

7 Say "I love your accent"

Haha I've been told this a lot by American and Canadian tourists, especially when I'm in London.

I'm just gonna leave it at that...

8 Fly American flags everywhere 

A thing I noticed when traveling in Canada is how often I saw the Canadian flag, which made me realize how customary it is to see the American flag in the U.S...Americans, you may take offense with this, but it's normal for us to see the flag, well everywhere, because we're used to it. Once you step outside, it will be strange to see another country's flag all the time. Basically, it's relative to where you're coming from. At least in my experience it has been.

What's wrong with that? I just hate it when Americans hate their own country that they live in. Those people need to learn a little something I like to call "showing some pride in your own nation".

I think this is amazing! Sadly in the UK, we get told to take ours down when Muslim and Polish communities view it as being racist. It's such a shame.

That's patriotic and good, not strange

9 Accuse the British of spelling things wrong

It simply has evolved into two different languages, neither is better than the other. I can see how it may seem strange, but in the end, we have different cultures and ways of doing things.

Apparently us Americans "spell things wrong," but if you ask me, "color" and "center" make way more sense than "colour" and "centre."
(Even though British people kinda started the language.)

"British people kinda started the language." "Kinda" is the operative phrase, here. English came mostly from German, Latin and Greek.

For example a British kid writes "colour". Then the American kid writes "color".

10 Tip waiters

Apparently in Europe, your not supposed to tip because the restaurants are expected to pay the workers a living wage.

That's generous, how can that be strange?

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11 Watch American football

No, it's not the same thing as soccer.
No, I don't really care about football.
Yes, I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

One of the worst sports ever. I wonder why you didn't put terrorism here?

Why can't they call it rugby so they don't mix it up with football

A copy of rugby

12 Call football "soccer"

Although it was the British who invented the word "soccer"...

13 Vote for bad presidents

Yeah people here are stupid and vote for a bad president. For Example, a bunch of idiots voted for Donald Trump! What the heck?!

A lot of people hated Trump. I'm not sure, but I think the electoral votes gave him his win.

14 Put on fake smiles
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