Top 10 Things that Amourshippers Say that They Need to Shut Up About the Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime

Amourshippers still won't talk about Serena and their stupid shipping, it is completely irritating. Come on already, Ash is on the Alola region now, he looks different than he was recently and he STILL doesn't need a "girlfriend". It's over and we want to enjoy the new anime in PEACE, stop AMOURSHIPPERS, just STOP! PLEASE?!

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1 "Ash left Serena so he could build a Harem"

I don't remember Pokemon being a harem anime. What's with those Amourshippers? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ugh! This should at least be number 2. Unbelievable. - eventer51314

We have made it to No. 1. Thanks to Ruee (Now Marshadow) for adding this entry on my list and SPECIAL TAHNKS to you guys who have voted this to No. 1! Now, please vote, "Mallow is only brought for her 'sex appeal' " to No. 2, thanks to Eventer51314 for the entry. - ClassicGaminer

Let's the take a moment and realize that the Pokemon fandom in general do not know what a Harem is.

A harem is a boy who has a group of very attractive girls that all have a crush on him and fight over him. Obviously not all the girls Ash traveled with had a crush on him (ONLY one in canon) and harems are associated with shows for teenagers and adults and the Pokemon anime is targeted TOWARDS CHILDREN. Why would they insert an official harem in a kids show? - Rue

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2 "We will bash anybody who ship Ash with Mallow or Lillie!"

What do you think, nonshippers? Shall we ship Ash and Mallow just to piss off the Amourshippers? I think we should! - ClassicGaminer

*In the voice of Zim* HAHAAHAHAAHA! Take that, obnoxious Amourshippers! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Right on it! I already ship him with Mallow and Lillie since they got good personality so far! But I usually make and Older! Ash x Older! Mallow or Lillie. Because let's face it, shipping two ten year olds together, what the hell!? Also the Ash x Lillie MMD picture looks cute by the way. - KonekoAngel

Let's face it, the only reason this is #2 is the MMD shipping art of Ash and Lillie - Rue

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3 "OOOOHHH! Ash is 'cheating' on Serena!" ("Wait until she 'hears' this")

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that normal interaction between friends counted as 'dating.' (Or a one-sided, forced kiss, for that matter) - eventer51314

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4 "Serena should've went to Alola with Ash!"

Honestly. Serena is done! We spent dealing with May, Dawn, and Iris for two whole seasons! Misty is actually pretty reasonable as originally thought to be ended at that time. But seriously! You amourshippers. Need to get over the fact that Serena might come back. But not for a entire season!

NO! SHE... IS... GONE... FOREVER! Can't you (Amourshippers) just shut up for God's sake! - ClassicGaminer

Has Serena done something bad enough so that way I can put her on my naughty characters list? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

People whining about this prove they don't give an f about her character. If she just went around & followed ash everywhere & dumped her dream to be with him, she let what her mom said in the beginning be true about her with something along the lines of 'once something gets hard, you want to quit and try something else! ' It's called KALOS QUEEN! That means that it was a goal exclusive to kalos (and f going though that stupid wifeu wars popularity contest again). It makes me vomit that people want her to be a tool for ash to be forced with than for her to be an actual character

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5 "Mallow is only liked for her'sex appeal'."

Oh Mallow liked for her sex appeal you say? Then explain Serena's revealing outfits then. Also Mallow's outfit isn't really too revealing of how I see it in the picture. - KonekoAngel

Wow! I think we should put it at No. 1 or 2, No! Just NO! Mallow shouldn't be insulted that way, we barely got to know her in the anime and you start to insult her. If you don't like her, then watch XYZ if you refuse to watch Sun and Moon! - ClassicGaminer

What the heck!?!? And why is Serena so well liked? *has a conniption fit* - eventer51314

And Serena is only liked for her crush - yungstirjoey666

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6 "I'm fine with them replacing Serena because everyone hates her now but when they replace her with 2 disgusting, whiny sluts... that's when I draw the line"

So much for InklingSethO, he is doing this because "WHY NOT? ", This must be in No. 2, UNACCEPTABLE! - ClassicGaminer

If you are wondering, InklingSethO is bashing Lillie and Mallow on youtube and I'll post his stupid quotes to drag him. You are welcome.

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7 "Imagine how Serena 'reacts' when she sees Ash with Mallow"

If she learned that Ash traveled with 4 different girls before her and got kissed by two random girls before her, she would have a stroke. - Rue

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8 "Ash looks awful!"

At least he got his personality back in Sun and Moon.

It's the animator's decision to make the characters look how he/she is, we need to understand. It may not be a hatred to the new anime for not having Serena going to Alola, but the majority of the people have criticized the way how Ash looks. And Amourshippers count with the criticism. - ClassicGaminer

He really doesn't. The new animation is really an improvement. The characters aren't so stiff anymore. God, they are so shallow. - eventer51314

I don't see why people hate it, at least it's better than nothing. I'm good with Ash's look, although it looks a bit silly, I like it. - ClassicGaminer

If you want me to be honest, I like his new look. He's a lot more expressive, has his personality back, and he's very cute now. I don't know how people think he's ugly in the new style. - Rue

9 "Mallow must 'die' because she has a 'crush' on Ash"

Burn that picture! First, she wears Ash's clothes. Now, thanks to amourshippers, she's wearing the sun & moon female protagonists outfit. Burn it! - eventer51314

Look who's talking! You Amourshippers have been sending death threats to people because Ash and Serena do not "belong" to each other! NOW IT'S OUR TURN! - ClassicGaminer

Hey Serena, the female protagonist of the Pokemon Sun and Moon game called, she wants to say that you look horrible and disgusting in her outfit and wants it back since you stole it from her. - KonekoAngel

Serena shouldn't be wearing Moon's outfit. She can't pull off the flower beenie hat and she just looks so ugly in them. Unlike Moon who looks unique and adorable. - Rue

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10 "Our petition may have a chance to work again. After Season 1 of the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime (and her trip to Hoenn), Serena might come back!"

The people who work on the Pokemon anime plan and work on episodes months prior to their air date. Serena will never come back unless THEY choose to bring her back, not because amourshippers are whining about her being gone. - Rue

Iris needs to come back first. If not, have her with Serena and deck her. Iris would find Serena to be a dumb, obsessive, fan girl like us.

(NO OFFENSE, BUT...) Ooh, I have an Idea, if it were to be 2016 at the end of the year, we could've said something how Trump said in his Tweet before... Here's how I would say it in my way...
"Happy New Year to all, including to our many enemies and those who have fought us and lost so badly against the Anti-Amour battle that they don't know what to do. Love! " - ClassicGaminer

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? "It took 14 episodes for Lillie to touch a Pokemon. She sucks!"

And it took 40+ episodes for Serena to find a goal that isn't Ash. With that logic, Serena also sucks. - Rue

? "Imagine how Serena reacts to seeing Lillie attempting to capture Ash with a Pokeball" V 1 Comment
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11 "We want Serena! We want her to go with Ash!"

As Ruee said, "She has the right to go where she wants."
Serena's got her own path and Ash got his, so please let Serena go out and do what she wants. - ClassicGaminer

And I wanted the female protagonist of Pokemon Sun and Moon to travel with Ash. Did that happen? No. Did I constantly whine about it? No.

I can't control what the writers do and neither can you. - Rue

12 "We (or 'I') refuse to watch the new anime because Serena is not on it!"

Good, because I need more leg space in the cinema and you fat amourshippers take up too much space - Sinon-AsadaShinoSucks

I hope you like watching "Boku No Pico" (as "ModernSpongeBobSucks" said) or Saturday Night Television (as I said before.) - ClassicGaminer

Well good riddance, even though that's the most poor excuse ever to watch the SM anime over a character with no likeability nor development at all. (*cough* Looking at you, Serena *cough*) - KonekoAngel

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13 "I don't ship this" (Directed at anyone who draws Ash with Lillie/Mallow/Lana)

IT'S SO RUDE. Like not everyone is going to ship Amourshipping, I don't know why you are so offended by it. Also, the artists' you constantly say this to can ship any girl with Ash regardless if Serena kissed Ash. That's their choice and Serena is not the only girl who can be shipped with Ash. Also I have a feeling it hurts their feelings (especially younger artists) because that's the majority of the comments they get. They can't have nice things said to them if it's not Serena with Ash. Again, RUDE and the comments like that are so UNNECESSARY. Stop bullying people, Amourshippers!

Amourshippers need to stop being so rude. Not everyone is going to ship Ash with Serena.

There was a person on DeviantArt who said that "Serena is 'the only one for Ash'" on a fan image where Lillie and Ash are kissing (which can be seen on entry no. 4 and Ruee requested this image on there). Ha ha! Don't make me laugh (or us in this case)! - ClassicGaminer

*Sigh* I'm tired of shipping Ash with characters, I'm a NONSHIPPER AND SO ARE THE OTHERS FOR GOD'S SAKE! I'M SICK OF ASH AS WELL! I'm tired of Amourshipping and those shippers. I HATE ALL OF THEM (Amourshippers)! If the Amourshippers can't get it over with that stupid ass bitch Serena, the we're going to attack them with something harder! I'm sick of hearing about Serena! I'm sorry, but it pisses me off about this stupid shipping. Aurgh! - ClassicGaminer

14 "We are still going to make fan art of Serena and Ash even if the Sun and Moon anime is still there"

No you won't, you'll eventually realize later soon that Amourshipping was your biggest mistake, Amourshippers. - ClassicGaminer

Then draw her in a different outfit because Serena wearing Moon's outfit is so damn ugly and a disgrace to Moon herself. - Rue

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15 "Serena will come to the anime, but not for long. Stay strong, Amour!"

No, Amour won't stand strong and you guys might be right she will appear less, but if Iris didn't make an appearance on the XYZ anime series, then Serena won't either. - ClassicGaminer

Plot twist: She comes to Alola but she can't go near Ash because he filed a restraining order after she left him. - Rue

*Mao Voice* MUAHAHAA! Don't make me laugh, hate to break it ya Amourshippers but if Iris can't come back in the XY anime then so can't Serena. I highly doubt she will, let's hope for that. - KonekoAngel

I think that if Serena appeared in the SM anime (which it WON'T! ), then there's Serena's worst crime that she would do... She might BASH MALLOW, LILLIE AND LANA, then that would NOT be a "pretty" picture, not would it? I had told this to Rue just a few minutes ago (3:48 PM - Texas) - ClassicGaminer

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16 "Pikachu shocked everyone when Lana's sisters asked Lana if Ash was her girlfriend because Pikachu approves of Amourshipping"

NO. It was clearly because her bratty, annoying little sisters were being too rough with him. - eventer51314

I doubt Pikachu gives a fudge about Serena - TwilightKitsune

I think that Pikachu hates Amourshipping just as much as we do. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Amourshippers don't pay attention to context in order to spew amour BS everywhere. They really shouldn't be watching the show if they refuse to pay attention. - Rue

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17 "I kissed girls when I was ten years old, why can't Ash?"

I think 10 is way too young. I think you should wait some more time before having a relationship with someone. - TwilightKitsune

I promised myself to never date until high school, and even college If I have too! - MLPFan

What!? The age of 10 might be too young for your age you know to kiss a dude and you do realize you should wait till you get into a real relationship with someone, maybe till teenage or adulthood. But as a kid, nuh uh, you still need to wait a lot more to do that. - KonekoAngel

If you jumped off a cliff when you were 10, should Ash do the same? If you beleived in Santa when you were 10, should Ash do the same? - TwilightKitsune

Amourshippers have kissed at age 10, so what? It's just a kiss. Pokémon isn't about love, or romance. It's about traveling through a region befriending and catching Pokémon, challenging Gym leaders, collecting gym badges and etc. There's no excuse and reason to squeeze in romance. Amourshippers sure want it to be something but it's just a failed attempt. - ClassicGaminer

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18 "No wonder why Serena loves Ash! He has a nice big ass!"

You are all going to hate me for the submissions I added to this list. - Rue

No, you're good. It's not bad, keep submitting any quotes that Amourshippers say. We're not going to hate you. - ClassicGaminer

Please, whatever you do...don't look at the comments on the episode 15 preview. - Rue

What the hell?! *Plays "El Color De La Pasión (The Color of Passion) Tragedy Theme* - ClassicGaminer

Is he fat? NO!
is he Nicki Minaj? NO!
Is he trying to be like Kim Kardashian?! NO!
Is he Trip (Façade Game)?! NO!

19 "The Pokémon Sun and Moon anime was a 'BIG MISTAKE'"

Lol! Really, Amourshippers? Because your 'precious mary sue princess' (Serena) is not in it, I suppose? Or maybe how bad it is even though you didn't give it a chance? Even though its just getting started and you should try to never judge a book by its cover.

Look and listen dearies (referring to Amourshippers), I think you got the whole thing about the SM anime being a mistake was wrong, it's actually the XY anime and Miss Mary Sue Serena is wrong and big mistake if I do say so myself. So, HA! - KonekoAngel

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20 "Amourshipping should be canon!!! Mallow, Lillie and any other female character In the Sun&Moon anime must DIE!!!"

Look, Amourshippers, If they ever make an "romance" OVA/Valentines Day special where Ash and Serena are together(I will not watch It! )or a harem visual novel Pokemon spin off game, where you play as Ash and you can choose any pokemon girl(Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, Mallow, Lillie, the other girl who I forgot her name) you want to be your girlfriend once you have enough interaction with them(You can interact with all of them in the same game though..) and you can play the game as much a you want(They'd spend all the data slots on making amourshipping), would you finally SHUT UP?!?! - MLPFan

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1. "Ash left Serena so he could build a Harem"
2. "I'm fine with them replacing Serena because everyone hates her now but when they replace her with 2 disgusting, whiny sluts... that's when I draw the line"
3. "We will bash anybody who ship Ash with Mallow or Lillie!"
1. "We will bash anybody who ship Ash with Mallow or Lillie!"
2. "Serena should've went to Alola with Ash!"
3. "OOOOHHH! Ash is 'cheating' on Serena!" ("Wait until she 'hears' this")



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