Top 10 Things that Amourshippers Say that They Need to Shut Up About the Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime


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21 Candy girl is better than High Touch
22 "Amourshipping should be canon!!! Mallow, Lillie and any other female character In the Sun&Moon anime must DIE!!!"

Look, Amourshippers, If they ever make an "romance" OVA/Valentines Day special where Ash and Serena are together(I will not watch It! )or a harem visual novel Pokemon spin off game, where you play as Ash and you can choose any pokemon girl(Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, Mallow, Lillie, the other girl who I forgot her name) you want to be your girlfriend once you have enough interaction with them(You can interact with all of them in the same game though..) and you can play the game as much a you want(They'd spend all the data slots on making amourshipping), would you finally SHUT UP?!?! - MLPFan

23 "Ash's Rockruff has the same Japanese voice actress as Serena. Rockruff's kisses are Serena's kisses!"

I need to stop looking at the comments, I rather die than read this crap. - Rue


Dear GOD! That is ridiculous! So are those Amourshippers trying to say that Serena is NOW A POKÉMON?! That is STUPID! - ClassicGaminer

24 "Does anyone know if Serena is going to Alola?"

Stop. Asking. This. Question. PLEASE. Isn't it obvious already? - Rue

If the writers believed Serena was so precious, they she likely will make an appearance. If not too bad. I only really care about Lillie x Ash, but if it happens, it happens. If not, deal with it.

She's going to hoenn. has no idea that ash is in alola. if anything, she'll meet may. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I honestly agree with you, but I'm sure things will not go as expected if she does meet up with her some day, like if May does say to Serena that she is one of Ash's friends, then Serena will go in for a competition against May... Oh Lord... - ClassicGaminer

Ohh, what's wrong, Amourshippers? Feel sad that your "precious" Serena won't be able to appear in an episode of the Sun and Moon anime? STOP ASKING THIS QUESTION! SERENA WILL NOT BE THE ONLY ONE FOR ASH AND SERENA IS GONE FOREVER! STOP WHINING ALREADY! THE NONSHIPPERS ALREADY WON THE ANTI-AMOUR BATTLE! IT'S OVER! - ClassicGaminer

25 "Mallow and Lillie are the worst characters, they must die!"

Um. We barely got to know them both, including other characters in that new Sun and Moon anime, stop criticizing already! - ClassicGaminer

Hm... lets see here. Out of the thre girls, lillie is the one who is hated the most by amour, because her ship with ash is the second most popular Pokémon ship. Plus, some say she is the best looking of the three. Therefore, amour shippers see her as the biggest threat to their precious pair, so they lash out at her to try to lower her fan base so it won't happen due too low popularity. Mallow is the second most hated by amour, since she is clearly considered by more to be the sexiest of the three. And her ship is also super popular. The only thing that keeps her less hated is her unimportant role in the game. Amour seems to be the least antagonistic to Lana out of the three. Why? Because her fan base is lower than the other two, and she apparently has no sex appeal, which is definitely not true. Apparently, without sex appeal, you're not much as a threat. Amourshippers just want to try to make thief fanbases lower, in hopes it will stop the writes from making it happen.

Ugh, you amourshipping a**h oles do realize we BARELY EVEN KNOW THEM. Stop making these asinine conclusions about the characters in the SM already! It's just got started! - KonekoAngel

26 "Lillie is actual cancer. I can't. Hopefully that Vulpix will knock some sense into that annoying little"

You know who is at it again.

I left the last word out because this site won't submit the entry if it has that word in it. - Rue

27 "This is a further hint that Serena will be in Alola soon"

Ha ha ha! Don't make me laugh, Amourshippers! This reminds me of one of Rue's list, where one entry said, "Small interactions and the date will make Amour 'CANON'" (If I remember correctly). Now it's coming back again! - ClassicGaminer

Nope, not gonna happen, Amourshippers. Not gonna happen! Aurgh! Stupid ass Amourshippers can't get over with Serena! - ClassicGaminer

28 "Imagine if Serena was there" (Referring to Ash wiggling his butt as if he had a tail to bond with Rockruff)

I've seen a tumblr post using that gross facial expression where her whole face was steaming and her tears evaporated as a reaction to Ash's random ass shot. - Rue

29 "I wonder how Ash's chicks will react once they see him twerking"

"Ash's chicks"? Twerking? Witness him doing the twerk? *Sigh* These Amourshippers are starting to piss me off. I don't know why do they do that, but they do! They find a way to do it... - ClassicGaminer

He wasn't twerking. He was pretending that he was wagging his "tail" for Rockruff. - Rue

After watching the rockruff episode, Ash was training Rockruff to use Rock throw and help it defeat a Magmar. I don't know why we had the ass shot, but he wasn't twerking. His training with Rockruff was just really weird. - Rue

30 "Does Ash come to Alola?" (On every Pokemon Sun and Moon episode)

Rue accidentally typed in this one. Please disregard this part and move on. I'm not sure how to remove this part out (although it's not possible), but I hope you guys can ignore this one. - ClassicGaminer

This was my mistake for this submission. I accidentally put Ash instead of Serena. ClassicGaminer, see if you can get admin to remove this one. - Rue

I'm not sure if I can do that. I'll just say to the public not to type in anything on this entry. Sorry. - ClassicGaminer

31 "Does Serena come to Alola" (On every Pokemon Sun and Moon episode)


Lol, Amourshipping idiots! He is on Alola. What the hell do you think he's doing?! - ClassicGaminer

Actually that's MY fault for putting "does ash come to Alola" I mistakenly typed Ash instead of Serena, so I resubmitted with Serena. - Rue

32 "Imagine how Serena reacts to seeing Lillie attempting to capture Ash with a Pokeball"

1. She wasn't trying to catch Ash. It was an accident.
2. This is very tiring can we please shut the up when it comes to bringing up Serena while watching the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime - Rue

33 "It took 14 episodes for Lillie to touch a Pokemon. She sucks!"

And it took 40+ episodes for Serena to find a goal that isn't Ash. With that logic, Serena also sucks. - Rue

34 I will kill Mallow/Lillie/Lana if they touch Ash

Darn. Amourshippers, please lay off. If the three alolan female leads fall for ash over the course of the anime, then so be it! Just please stop lashing out to try to stop them.

Uff. Desperate Amourshippers, eh? Typical and stupid. Like they're going to pull out a gun and shoot either one or the three of them. That's the only thing they're missing. - ClassicGaminer

35 "Serena should've been the person to go to Alola, not Misty!"

Absolutely. So we can see the lazy repetitiveness of a character whom we had to put up with years and seasons ago. You're also ranting at characters that Ash has started to go on a journey with in 1997. So shut up! - ClassicGaminer

36 "It's stupid that Misty makes an appearance in the Pokémon Sun and Moon series, but not Serena!"
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