Top 10 Things Anne Frank Could Have Done In Her Life

Anne Frank was an amazing girl and an amazing writer who didn't deserve to die from illness.

The Top Ten

1 Become a Movie Star

Anne Frank was, even though I didn't know much about her, was a wonderful girl as from what I heard.

Anne Frank always dreamed of becoming a movie star... - TeenTitansGoSucks

She wanted to be a famous writer, - Eil__een

2 Out-Lived Adolf Hitler

Can I vote for everything on the list except "kill Justin Bieber she wouldn't do that

Apparently Hitler lived longer in proof.

3 Became Engaged to Peter Van Pels at a Later Age

They married in Heaven big celebration with cake and presents and Anne was so pretty in a beautiful dress and Peter was in a suit and tie they are married now with rings and kids and they are a happy couple

Just reading this list made me burst into tears. Diary of a Young Girl is such a beautiful, sad story. Anyone who persecutes innocent children deserves a special place in hell. - PetSounds

I wonder if they met up again and married in Heaven...

4 Live Through the 70's-90's

The 70's-90's had major changes in technology, fashion sense, toys, I bet Anne would like a barbie doll back in the old days. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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5 Go Back Home to Live a Peaceful Life

Yes Anne should have lived longer, - Eil__een

The only surviving member after WW2 was Otto Frank, Anne's father. Otto was lucky that he lived. - TeenTitansGoSucks

6 Publish Her Own Book

Miep Gies (1909-2010) published the book which made her successful, maybe Anne knew she was going to die and that she was going to rise to fame after death. It would have been better if Anne published her own book. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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7 Became a Model

Anne and Margot Frank were beautiful girls with beautiful hair, they look like they can be models. - TeenTitansGoSucks

They are beautiful in the inside and outside... - CerealGuy

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8 Be a Belieber

Hopefully this means admiring some Bieber other than that infamous Justin Bieber weirdo

I always hoped that Anne Frank would become a Belieber - CerealGuy

9 Recovered from Typhus

There were people who were in the same camp as Anne and Margot who lived from Typhus but died years later. - TeenTitansGoSucks

Yes but the conditions of the camp were awful that if you fought it you died. - Eil__een

10 Emigrate to the Us

Anne has always wanted to be free but she never got the chance to travel to the US to get the freedom, I think Anne and her family should have traveled to the US to hide from Germany. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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11 Kill Hitler

There was a murder plot against Hitler. - Eil__een

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12 Kill Justin Bieber
13 Help Make World Peace
14 Have Kids
15 Get Married
16 Become the First Person to Walk On the Moon

And this comment is with all due respect to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

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17 Start Her Own Pinball Machine Company
18 Build the World's Tallest Skyscraper
19 Become a Beatles, Elvis or Frank Sinatra fan
20 Survived the Holocaust
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