Top Ten Things Annoying Fans Say to Haters

By "annoying fans", it means fans that rave over the least talented and obnoxious people/places/things.

The Top Ten

1 You're just jealous

That's what Beliebers say. - Userguy44

I'm rarely envious and I'm never hateful of the people I envy. I only envy people who are successful and you can't be successful if you're not succeeding at something. - Cesium

Hate does not mean jealousy. When will those numbnuts learn that? - WM3DAS

Lol, *sarcasm* surre

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2 Go die Go die

Too harsh. Also immature to say that. - ArcticWolf

That is harsh and immature. - Userguy44

That'd just be wrong

That picture though! - Neonco31

3 He/she has more followers than you

My father would say this all the time when I was younger. - allamassal

4 You have no life

If I didn't have any life, I wouldn't be here in first place. - WM3DAS

Agree with this list but guy above that was stupid that's not what people actually mean they mean go somewhere else get a life and job etc but mostly go away they don't mean literally get a life no one is that stupid - speed

I have one - Neonco31

5 You'll never be as good

As if I wanted to emulate them in first place... - WM3DAS

6 You're probably single and going to stay that way.

Good! I want to stay that way.

7 I hope you get hurt
8 Spamspamspamspamspamspam
9 You're stupid
10 Why are you here then if you hate it?

This one is okay just not the others - ArcticWolf

This one actually makes sense. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Shut up
12 You suck

The most childish comment I've every seen.

Lol! This type of comment is weak as hell! It's not gonna do much!

13 Tlk is the best movie ever! How dare you hate it!
14 Their salt is real, wow salty, every other possible abuse of the word "salt"
15 You secretly like them. Admit it.

Wow. Forcing people is immature - ArcticWolf

Let's all feel absolutely sorry for Nathaniel Bandy that he is forced to like Princess Peach and her clones. At least Christian Nutrition does not hate Junior Asparagus in real life, but if he does hate A Snoodle's Tale, The Toy That Saved Christmas and Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen (which are all very underappreciated episodes of an amazing series known as VeggieTales before it was owned by DreamWorks), then I'm out for good!

Haha I wish I could do a picture of natsu laughing

16 You have bad taste

This was one of the this was one of the descriptions on the list of Top 10 Ways to Describe the Haters of Toad made by the Top Tenner ToadF1. I can't believe he bashes people just because they hate Toad and he doesn't. Guess what ToadF1 you numbskull? I hate Toad too and don't think you can go around here calling me tasteless neither!

17 How dare you hate *insert thing that is prasied*! That's it, you are grounded (multiple times) for (a large number) years! Go to your room now!

Of course Seth (McFarlane) White from Love Interest Wiki and Bobsheaux Wiki would say that to us if we like something else that is bashed for retarded reasons like stop-motion movies, Cinemassacre and equal rights.

Goanimate logic right here

18 Go die in a hole

Just like Princess Daisy fans - yunafreya648

19 Dishonor on your cow!

Don't care that it's a reference to a Disney movie no one's allowed to criticize at all; still VERY annoying

Stupid line, overrated movie, annoying meme

Mulan reference - Croy987

20 You're racist

Screw the people that called RemoteLogic and his fandom "racist" and "prissy" because they believe there are far better characters than Princess Peach Toadstool! That's their opinion and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it could also be a fact.

Not surprisingly most often heard in cases where the thing features a character or actor who falls into one of those categories, never mind that may not be why somebody doesn't like or at least doesn't worship the thing

Or "sexist", "ableist", "a homophobe", "a transophobe", or just the all-encompassing "a bigot" or "intolerant". And it's not only when a character, actor, creator, or producer is black, female, gay, or whatever, it's also if the thing goes into discussing or portraying sexism, racism, etc. (*cough*likeacertainrecentOscarwinningDisneyfilm*cough*) that fans play this on anybody who doesn't think the thing they love so much is the best thing ever.

21 You're just upsetting my favorite characters/shows!

The 4Kidz fandom (especially of Modern Winx Club, Amy Rose when she was a butthurt 12-year-old who forces young guys to win her heart like, racism and Amourshipping), SuperMinecraftKid fandom, EDCP, Frozen fandom (*cough cough* Thiti2000 as at least just a prominent example) ElectricDragon505 haters, Modern Nickelodeon fanbrats (and PhantomStrider haters in general) and so forth in a nutshell

22 You're just making up lies!

Twitards and Directioners that act like Illumination Entertainment is much better than stop-motion (ex: "because they make more money at the box office and you only hate them because you're just an edgelord who can't do anything to save your life"). Any other example I'm missing?

23 Go eat some garbage Hater!

I deserved so much better than to be told to eat slugs for my opinions by Thiti2000 and her defenders. >8(

24 Go live in a monkey's butt!

What Amourshippers, defenders of recent Crest Animation Productions films and sexists in a nutshell...

25 MLP is the best
26 You're the only one who hates [x]

Or other things to that effect (and not always directly to anyone in particular). In any case, I highly doubt 6.999,999,999 people out of 7 billion all like whatever character, singer, move, game, etc.

27 You must like him/her or you will die!
28 Let's see you do better
29 You don't know anything
30 You don't know what _____ really means

Fans of a certain Disney movie have been throwing this around a lot lately, with "overrated" and "SJW" in the blank.

31 You need to grow up I see

With or without the "I see". Obviously someone needs to grow up but it's not who was told to do so.

32 You're not cool
33 Middle Finger to you hater!
34 You suck eggs!
35 TLK sucks
36 Stop hating

Often followed by an exclamation point and/or a frowny or "crying" emoticon

37 I wish you were dead!!

The trollers that give us these comments will always be reported for harassment.

38 You're going to hell for saying that!!

The Delgo fanbrats in a nutshell. But wait, there's absolutely more!

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