Top Ten Things Annoying Fans Say to Haters

By "annoying fans", it means fans that rave over the least talented and obnoxious people/places/things.

The Top Ten

1 You're just jealous

I'm rarely envious and I'm never hateful of the people I envy. I only envy people who are successful and you can't be successful if you're not succeeding at something. - Cesium

Hate does not mean jealousy. When will those numbnuts learn that? - WM3DAS

Lol, *sarcasm* surre

They will force us to defend Ariana Grande because she fawns over Justin Bieber like a prissy Nickelodeon girl. :( - The Ultimate Daredevil, who hates modernists

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2 He/she has more followers than you
3 Go die Go die

That picture though! - Neonco31

Telling someone to die because they don't like your band... How rude and pathetic. - WM3DAS

Fans who say this make not only themselves but their whole fandom look like an immature joke. - Entranced98

The correct term is "kys". Even then, kys is used all over the Internet, not just by fanbases. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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4 You have no life

If I didn't have any life, I wouldn't be here in first place. - WM3DAS

Agree with this list but guy above that was stupid that's not what people actually mean they mean go somewhere else get a life and job etc but mostly go away they don't mean literally get a life no one is that stupid - speed

I have one - Neonco31

5 You'll never be as good

As if I wanted to emulate them in first place... - WM3DAS

6 You're probably single and going to stay that way.

Good! I want to stay that way.

7 I hope you get hurt
8 Spamspamspamspamspamspam
9 You're stupid
10 Why are you here then if you hate it?

This one actually makes sense. - egnomac

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? How dare you hate *insert thing that is prasied*! That's it, you are grounded (multiple times) for (a large number) years! Go to your room now!

The Contenders

11 You suck

The most childish comment I've every seen.

Lol! This type of comment is weak as hell! It's not gonna do much!

12 Shut up
13 Their salt is real, wow salty, every other possible abuse of the word "salt"
14 Tlk is the best movie ever! How dare you hate it!
15 Go die in a hole

Just like Princess Daisy fans - yunafreya648

16 Go eat some garbage Hater!

I deserved so much better than to be told to eat slugs for my opinions by Thiti2000 and her defenders. >8(

17 You have bad taste

This was one of the this was one of the descriptions on the list of Top 10 Ways to Describe the Haters of Toad made by the Top Tenner ToadF1. I can't believe he bashes people just because they hate Toad and he doesn't. Guess what ToadF1 you numbskull? I hate Toad too and don't think you can go around here calling me tasteless neither!

18 You must like him/her or you will die!
19 Dishonor on your cow!
20 Let's see you do better
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