Top Ten Things Annoying Fans Say to Haters

By "annoying fans", it means fans that rave over the least talented and obnoxious people/places/things.

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21 You're racist

Not surprisingly most often heard in cases where the thing features a character or actor who falls into one of those categories, never mind that may not be why somebody doesn't like or at least doesn't worship the thing

Or "sexist", "ableist", "a homophobe", "a transophobe", or just the all-encompassing "a bigot" or "intolerant". And it's not only when a character, actor, creator, or producer is black, female, gay, or whatever, it's also if the thing goes into discussing or portraying sexism, racism, etc. (*cough*likeacertainrecentOscarwinningDisneyfilm*cough*) that fans play this on anybody who doesn't think the thing they love so much is the best thing ever.

22 You secretly like them. Admit it.
23 You don't know anything
24 You're just upsetting my favorite characters/shows!
25 You're just making up lies!
26 You don't know what _____ really means

Fans of a certain Disney movie have been throwing this around a lot lately, with "overrated" and "SJW" in the blank.

27 You need to grow up I see

With or without the "I see". Obviously someone needs to grow up but it's not who was told to do so.

28 You're not cool
29 Middle Finger to you hater!
30 You suck eggs!
31 Go live in a monkey's butt!
32 MLP is the best
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