All the Things I Hate That Everyone Else Likes

I'm not gonna include bands because I've already made a list of bands I hate that everyone else likes (but I forgot to add Nirvana in there).

•Star Wars.
I used to like it when I was a kid but as I got older I found stuff that was better and much more well-written. It has so many flaws too (I'm not talking about just the terrible prequels, I mean the original films had a lot of stilted acting and hoaky dialogue. Just not a whole lot that the prequels had). I don't really think George Lucas took his whole story seriously because if he did then we wouldn't have the prequels (or Jar Jar Binks for that matter).

The film does look nice (the art's done by Wayne Barlowe and his art is always nice to look at), but the story is so cliched and the humans are made out to be the evil white man who's only interested in destroying the forest. Not every human has to be a jerk ya know. This whole "save the forest" spiel was boring in the 1990s and for some reason it's still relevant today. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for saving the forest but could you at least do something new and original with that kind of story?

I just never got the appeal of it. Maybe it's because I'm not a fizz guy but I tried it many times and I just can't get into it. That's all I gotta say.

I hate all fast food restaurants but McDonald's is the worst in my opinion just because of how unhealthy and overrated it is. I'm already starting a vegan diet so I don't wanna bother consuming any more food that will give me cancer.

•Family Guy.
Seriously, I watched every episode and I didn't even crack a smile once. I do think some of the old episodes are okay but the newer ones are absolutely horrendous (especially when they rely too much on gross-out humor and shock value). Pedophilia, murder, and domestic violence aren't funny if they don't have any substance built around them to make them funny. All you see is a pedophile acting like a pedohile, and characters getting beaten and killed for no rhyme for reason. Another thing the show relies on is celebrity jokes. I don't know about you but celebrities popping out of nowhere just isn't funny to me (and having them interact with fictional characters just isn't my thing either). Also the animation isn't even that good (some animators, including John K. who created Ren & Stimpy, have criticized the animation too and I can see why). I think Clerks: The Animated Series summed up Family Guy best. In one episode, Dante and Randall meet the writers for their show and one of them is holding a book that says How to Write Cartoons By Seth MacFarlane on it and he says "Hey guys! I have the funniest idea ever! Let's put them on Gilligan's Island and have them make gay jokes for the whole episode!"

•Ozzy Osbourne.
I know I said on my Reasons Why Ozzy Osbourne is Overrated list that I actually do like Ozzy, but now I'm starting to lose interest in him. He is without a doubt the most overrated metal singer in existence and I can name three reasons why that is. First off, his voice isn't that good (it sounds all nasally and monotone. I could name far better metal singers than him. Ronnie James Dio, Hansi Kürsch, Rob Halford, I could go on!). Second, he's an absolute sellout (having a reality show, recording pop songs mixed with rock riffs, and staring in a Best Buy commercial with JUSTIN BIEBER!). Third, he's credited with creating metal which Black Sabbath themselves stated that they didn't (Tony Iommi said they were ONE of the creators. Not the ultimate creator).

I don't get what everyone sees in this show. Even as a kid I thought it was just crap. One thing that bothers me the most about it is the art style (I know don't judge a cartoon by its art style but I'm sorry, Klasky Csupo characters really are just weird and ugly looking). Another problem I have with it is the characters who only have one or two traits about them (not to mention Angelica is a total b*tch). Yet another problem I have with it is the humor which is mostly gross-out humor (talk about crap, puke and other disgusting things). And to tell you the truth, this show can be creepy sometimes (episodes like In the Dreamtime and Angelica's Worst Nightmare are infamous for giving a generation of kids nightmares).

I'm not really a fan of tomatoes so I can't get into ketchup. It's just too sweet for me and I don't really like putting it on my food that much. Again, that's all I gotta say.

I've already made a rant post about Favebook so I'm gonna keep it short. I find Facebook really overrated and a waste of time. If you wanna know more reasons as to why I hate it, go read Aragorn Rants: Facebook.

•The 1990s.
I can't really say too much about this decade since I was born in 1998, but all I can say is that people seriously need to stop being so overnostalgic. Every decade has its good moments and bad moments so stop thinking the 90s are the best in history. You only get one life of living so don't waste it by living in the past so much.

Now I used to like these guys back in high school, but when I watch them now they're just annoying and try way too hard to be funny. Nobody really likes them anymore so they should just quit already.

•The Concept of God.
I'm gonna get eviscerated for this but I honestly couldn't care less. It's my opinion after all. Now hear me out, I DON'T hate God. I'm an atheist, not a misotheist (how can I even hate something I don't believe in? Misotheist are the ones who really hate God). I just hate the whole concept of God because it sounds so illogical. But you can still like God, that's fine. It's just not my cup of tea, and I'll respect your beliefs as long as you respect mine. The reason I've completely given up faith in God is because I have been going through some serious bullcrap in my life right now and I got so depressed to the point where I told myself "is God even real?" Probably not since he hasn't even bothered to answer other prayers. And another reason was that I started to really get into DarkMatter2525 and he has brought up a lot of really good points in his videos. And another thing, I seriously don't get how people still choose God to rely on in a time where the world is just getting worse and worse everyday (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I'm just impressed. You people are a lot more stronger than I am when it comes to being a theist).