Top 10 Things that are Becoming Boring on TheTopTens

Please don't HATE me for making this list. Sorry in advance if I offend someone. But really, these things are becoming boring everyday. Not just for me. Many TopTenners find these boring and annoying.

The Top Ten Things that are Becoming Boring on TheTopTens

1 Involving Justin Bieber in every bad list

Really make any bad lists and add justin bieber in it.Kills the seriousness - zxm

FINALLY! FIN-A-L--AY-HEY! :D (Someone AGREES with me! ) - Mariomaster63

2 Making bad lists about Justin Bieber

Thank you zxm. It's seriously tedious now to come to newest lists to find yet another one slating him. Let's all just move past this now. It really is boring. - Britgirl

These jokes have died long ago._.,for how much time people are going to make these. - zxm

3 Involving Nicki Minaj in every bad list

Same as justin bieber - zxm

4 Lists like celebrities/characters deserve to be punched/kicked

I honestly think such lists shouldn't have been approved. And don't forget about lists like Top 10 Ways to Kill Justin Bieber, and similar. - Metal_Treasure

It was great in the beginning but nowdays these are becoming boring - zxm

5 Troll lists about artists that are better than other artists

So many of them involve artists that are not comparable reasons why Nickelback > Britney Spears um why would you make that list?

Really like nicki minaj/justin bieber/ is better than metallica/led zeppelin. - zxm

6 Involving Donald Trump in every bad list

Sorry grammar mistake.admin please fix it with "Involving Donald Trump into every bad lists".By the way this is almost same explanation of justin bieber - zxm

7 Duplicate lists with different wording

Yes duplicate lists are boring - zxm

8 "Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies" list

For how much time this list will be getting votes - zxm

9 Controversial lists and statements with no factual basis or supporting argument/examples

Well thanks @Billyv for adding this - zxm

10 Led Zeppelin talent vs plagiarism arguments

These two words - talent and plagiarism - don't go very well together, in my honest opinion. - Metal_Treasure

Okay why do we have to argue about a band that disbanded 36 years ago.I used to argue about it in the past but now this is becoming boring - zxm

@Metal_Treasure I respect what are you saying but I only added this because I almost made an enemy for slipping in this argument.and from now I won't get in these kinds of arguments - zxm

@WonkeyDude98 also I don't wanna either,guess I am moving on pink floyd's side now.cause I have seen I could defend it easily and people even love them more - zxm

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11 Involving Frozen in every bad movies list

Some people didn't even see it and say boring. - zxm

12 Praising Zayn Malik

@ProPanda have you seen the list singers for singing high notes list? many good singers were downgraded from their ranks for him. - zxm


For how much time.his hair,looks,songs are awesome - zxm

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14 Comparison lists

They generally have gotten boring because their too predictable.

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