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1 Lick Your Own Elbow

Wait. Let me confirm this one... (insert a few minutes here)...No, absolutely cannot be done! - Britgirl

Pfft...It's easy! Just write the word elbow on your arm and then lick the word. See, not so hard after all - AlphaQ

I can do it very flexible - Jackhammer619

I CAN do this

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2 Make a Top Ten List of 'Things to Love About Justin Beiber'

Are you KIDDING ME? Love? You mean JUSTIN BIEBER? That's so Impossible that will never gonna happen. I suggest bieber to just have a rest and sleep.

It would be easier to find a flying unicorn that can fire lasers than make that list (although there is a list called "Best Justin Bieber Songs" unfortunately) - CommentandList

As soon as some absurdly minded teenage girl sees this, they're going to go ahead and do it. I think a REASONABLE list of things to love about JB is impossible. - PositronWildhawk

I can

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3 Read With Your Eyes Shut

Blind people can do this.

If you can do this please let me in on the secret. - Britgirl

I stand corrected. Thank you! - Britgirl

I have a sister has glasses takes them off and reads she also needs surgery on her throat!

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4 Travel at Light Speed

Lets face it if we could the us government would probably hide from us so we can't do it

The second smallest time is a nanosecond which is 1 billion times smaller than 1 second the speed of light can travel 1 foot in 1 nanosecond so it is impossible to travel at light speed I'm Nicholas Tauiliili I'm 10 turning 11

the Flash

The u.s.s enterprise from star trek can

5 Love Two People at the Same Time

That's right we can't love two persons in the same time, because when you truly love someone you spend your days thinking about her/him... Can we think about two persons at the same time?

I think that's so true. How can you give only half of your love to someone you're supposed to be devoted to?

It is impossible to love two people romantically at the same time. If it's love you only love one person and you don't doubt it.

Expain your parents

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6 Run a Two Minute Mile

I think it might be Impossible even though I'm a little chubby

Its easy just call usain bolt

Isn't the fastest like 3? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Actually Usain Bolt ran it in 3 minutes 43 seconds and 13 hundredths of a second. ps I'm only 13!

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7 Fly

Because unless your dead and your in heaven then you don't have wings I'm sorry to tell you folks but that is impossible for a living human to do

Airplanes bro

You can fly in an air plane

sky diving

8 Stand at the Checkout in a Supermarket Without Looking at What The Person in Front Has in Their Trolley

I talk to them, compare prices and things. I do it all the time. Can't stop.

Easy just don't look

It's not exactly hard, all I have to do is look @ my dad, anyway, I'm short...


9 Stand on Your Palms and Race Against Usain Bolt on Feet

It doesn't say you have to win the races or even how far you have to races. Just to races against Usain Bolt on your hands, if you go one got I could that, easy

I will give you a billion dollars if you are able to do this. Can you do this (also applies to Britgirl)

That's unfair! Please ask Usain Bolt to do the same. - Kiteretsunu

I tried and lost

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10 Beat Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) Without Dying

So, untrue I did it

Obviously you can't do that he is impossible

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11 Walk on Walls

It is possible to run on walls and it is possible to walk on walls with boots that can make your feet stuck to the wall, but without any boots like that, it is impossible to walk on walls!

If you go fast enough you can do it


Don't people walk on The Great Wall Of China all the time?
And other walls as well?
Also, knock one down and walk on it. - Billyv

12 Eat a Banana Without Making a Horrible Smacking Noise

It's just as well that bananas taste horrible to me, so I'm never in that gross situation. But I'm addicted to curries, though, so I'm always careful. And it's not impossible to avoid getting it on me, as long as I sit upright. - PositronWildhawk

I think I'm a monkey, bananas are one of my favorite fruits for some reason. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That really is disgusting

I do not like bananas.

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13 Teach a Goldfish to Play the Clarinet

My fish is very talented. He can not play the clarinet. The flute is a different story.

I have actually tried this and believe me it's impossible to do!

The only legit impossible

14 Beat Donkey Kong Country Returns Without Losing a Life V 2 Comments
15 Pushing a Boulder Up an Icy Mountain

Don't push a boulder up an icy mountain

This I agree with for impossible.

16 Telepathy

I wish this was possible! - Curti2594

I'm Psychic at times.

I always wanted it :-)

17 Sneeze With Your Eyes Open

It is possible for some human beings to sneeze with both eyes open. However, I would recommend not trying to do so because sneezing with your eyes open will result in a major migraine. Also, just to let you know, your eyes will not "shoot from their sockets". That is a hoax. There is no muscle behind the eyeball that can possibly contract and push it out of the socket. Most people think that the eyelids help keep the eye in place while you sneeze, when in reality the eyelid doesn't have enough muscle capacity to do that anyway. The only reason why eyelids close when sneezing is because of a simple nerve reflex. (I'm 14 and I'm explaining simple anatomy to adults. *Face palm* )

Ugh! Your eyeballs would shoot from their sockets in a nanosecond. - Britgirl

This is literally the most impossible thing on the list. Unlike all the others, you can't do this, no matter how hard you try.

I did it and it hurt so bad I'll never try again

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18 Watch the Artist Without Falling Asleep

I LOVE the Artist. I love everything about the film. Cannot fault it at all. I love the music... EVERYTHING about it. It's one of my favourite films OF ALL TIME. It'd be impossible for me TO sleep through such a wonderful film. Sorry for going on but the Artist is a film I'm so passionate about. Erm...I'll get off my soapbox now, shall I? - Britgirl

I have tried 3 times to get through this movie but end up falling asleep half way I don't know why anyone would put up with this garbage I hate this movie and nothing anyone can say will change my mind about it. - egnomac

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19 Read This List 1000 Times Without Feeling the Need to Sleep

I managed two times. - Britgirl

999 to go... - Elina


20 Eat Just One Potato Crisp

Betcha can't eat just one lol

What is a potato crisp?

Hehe... yea just eating one potato chip is impossible!

Actually it's possible. eat one then eat one again your still eating one

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