Things That Are Impossible to Ignore


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1 The Fact You're Getting Older

I hate this feeling! I want to stay young! - Curti2594

It gets us all in the end - if we're lucky. - Britgirl

If you could only stay young forever... - moonwolf

Oh no, I want to stay young FOREVER! - Catacorn

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2 When Someone Adds the Word 'fart' to a List

I can't leave without laughing and leaving a deposit of my own. FART! Haha! - Britgirl

Its not funny... - Catacorn

3 An Amourous Couple In the Street or On Public Transport

Walking toward them... Cough... Scuffle feet... Begin talking loudly to no one in particular... The worst thing is, 50% of the time they don't notice or don't care. - beatles

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4 Your Younger Siblings

Even when you try to ignore them being the oldest Sibling makes it hard to actually ignore them because we are always wanting to watch out for them! - Curti2594

I can't ignore her because she always asks stupid questions and she won't stop until I answer it - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Depends if they're annoying. Which mine most certainly is. Aa-aa-aa-aargh! - PositronWildhawk

5 A Beautiful Man or Woman

I should imagine THAT would be pretty difficult to ignore too! - Britgirl

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6 A Long Queue

You're in it. It's pretty hard to avoid. - Britgirl

7 The British Flag
8 Loud Talkers
9 When Someone Adds Justin Beiber to Every New List

I guess this should have been #2. Whoever it is, is pretty hard to ignore. - Britgirl

Very annoying. I hate these people. They are like," hey, this list doesn't have Justin Beiber on it, I need to add it! " - funnyuser

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10 Stepping Into Dog Poo

It WILL get you in the end..! (Insert deranged laugh here) - Britgirl

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11 Thetoptens

I have tried so many times. I have, straight! Tsk! - Britgirl

12 Someone You Really Hate

I can't ignore them until I get revenge! (I'm sorta vengeful) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

13 Music
14 Internet
15 People Chewing Loudly V 1 Comment
16 Someone You Really Like

Just when I think I'm getting along just fine without him...he comes back and I'm right back where I started. I love you but you can't keep doing this to my heart. Either stay for good or leave and give my heart a chance to mend. It's too painful just to see you now and then...

When they've stolen your focus fir the first time it's hard to get them out of your mind! - Curti2594

17 Britgirl

I love Britgirl. Thank you for thanking me about my list...

18 A Fart

Haha! Who added that?! THANK YOU! I can't leave this list and not laugh out loud! Haha! FART! :D Oh my God! - Britgirl

19 A Streaker
20 A Girl In a Bikini Walking by You

You can't help it when Free Skin is viewable - Curti2594

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1. When Someone Adds the Word 'fart' to a List
2. An Amourous Couple In the Street or On Public Transport
3. The Fact You're Getting Older
1. The Fact You're Getting Older
2. Loud Talkers
3. People Chewing Loudly



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