Top 10 Things that are Kind of Disappointing About the Rocko's Modern Life Series in Retrospect

Again, "not bad, just highly overrated"

Sorry, but "the show should have been on MTV" is NOT top ten material and has already been covered by #2.

The Top Ten Things that are Kind of Disappointing About the Rocko's Modern Life Series in Retrospect

1 Filburt and Dr. Hutchison are easily the best characters that the show has to offer (besides Ralph Bighead from I Have No Son and Wacky Delly, at least), but are also by ridiculously far the two that are used the least out of the main cast of characters

Filburt even outright states REPEATEDLY in Wacky Delly that he IS, in fact, by far the best character on the show
(and as for Dr. Hutchison, just watch The Big Q/A and then read Filburt's Postmodern Wife, enough said) - xandermartin98

2 Absolutely cannot decide on its own target audience, most especially during Season 1 in particular


In Season 1, episodes like Trash-O-Madness, Sucker For The Suck-O-Matic, Unbalanced Load and Spitballs juxtaposed against episodes like Leap Frogs, Bedfellows, To Heck And Back and Who's For Dinner
Also from Season 1, the episodes Good Bad And Wallaby (milking machine scene), Clean Loving (dog X mop bestiality scene), Power Trip (Rocko's horrific abuse of Filburt, along with the infamous Nipples Of The Future scene), Canned (phone sex and elf fetishist scenes, along with the one where Rocko literally gets eaten alive), Flu-In-U-Enza (Dr. Bend Over, enough said), Sand In Your Navel (Nudist Beach scene and that one bit with Gladys The Hippo Lady's cleavage, Carnival Knowledge (just an incredibly disturbing episode in general) and Love Spanked (hopefully requires no explanation)

In Season 2, the episodes Road Rash and Hut Sut Raw, which (although admittedly rather unsettling) are both completely kid-friendly except for ONE specific scene (love-motel scene from ...more - xandermartin98

3 The show looks to be at least roughly four decades behind the time period in which it's actually supposed to take place (the 1990s)

Let's see: the video cameras are nowhere near as advanced as they should be, cars still have that classic "stylish but highly un-durable" problem from the 1950s, telephones are still of the classic "circular dial" variety, computers seem to be completely nonexistent, almost all of the background music is either stock classic music or extremely stereotypical mid-20th-century jazz music, the title card for the episode Fly Burgers depicts Rocko as one of those "Big Jim" statues that used to show up on burger diners back in the 1950s, even the televisions look to be pre-Atari-era, pretty much all of the characters are dressed in hilariously out-of-style fashions even for the time at which the show came out, all of the hipsters depicted in the show are beatniks (basically like Dean from The Iron Giant), show itself is more or less Looney Tunes in an edgy urban setting, etc - xandermartin98

4 While the actual animation is gorgeous, the art style itself is an extremely cheap knockoff of Ren & Stimpy's

Particularly noticeable whenever the show tries to replicate Ren & Stimpy's infamous "gross-up close-up" fetish - xandermartin98

5 Is nowhere even remotely near as smart as its pompous hipster-teen fanbase makes it out to be, regardless of whether its target audience is supposed to be younger or older than Ren & Stimpy's

As evidenced by the fact that the actual plots of the episodes can easily be summarized in exactly three sentences at most (usually ONE, just for the record) - xandermartin98

6 Series is ever-so-slightly too short and has a so-called "finale" episode set that doesn't actually provide any real closure on its storyline whatsoever

Don't get me wrong, the Thanksgiving finale was extremely lame and out-of-place too, but the one that I'm focusing on here is the REAL finale, AKA Put Out To Pasture/Future Schlock, which also is highly underwhelming for being the closer to a series as phenomenal as this one.
For starters, Put Out To Pasture, while admittedly being easily one of the funniest episodes of the entire series (which is indeed QUITE an accomplishment for a series such as this one, might I add), is downright TERRIBLY written and manages to introduce a frightfully large number of plot holes into the series within its mere 11-minute length as a result.
First, Filburt claims that he met Heffer in the supermarket, which initially seems reasonable enough; next, Mr. Bighead claims that he met Heffer during the morbidly obese steer's newspaper-delivery days, which is fair enough, I suppose; NEXT, however, Filburt and Rocko both claim that they met Heffer in HIGH SCHOOL, which is just completely wrong and is ...more - xandermartin98

7 The highly overdone toilet humor and ear-gratingly hammy voice acting from Ren & Stimpy are both VERY vengefully returning elements in the show, regardless of how incredibly brilliant a lot of its social satire may actually be

Heffer's voice is the Simpleton Voice trope from T.V. Tropes incarnate, Mr. Bighead is voiced by Charlie Adler in pretty much the same way that Invader Zim is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz (and also the same way that the cartoon incarnation of Professor Monkey-For-a-Head from Earthworm Jim was also voiced by Adler himself), Mrs. Bighead sounds like one of the most horrifically freakish crosses between a man and a woman that you'll probably ever hear, and Filburt just plain sounds like he has an excruciatingly painful case of throat cancer
Also, yeah, the show's intro alone has Rocko's dog eating a RIDICULOUSLY massive pile of his earwax (do I really need to mention the burping episode, or the show's countless foot-fetish scenes, or Mr. Bighead shaving the filthy, slimy gunk off of his tongue in Leap Frogs, or the urination of Heffer's name into snow in the episode Snowballs, or Mr. Bighead exposing his massive, hairy, moldy and wrinkly green buttocks in Old Fogey Froggy, or ...more - xandermartin98

8 Is considered by many to have a "flawless" run of episodes but has quite a few extremely noticeable duds in reality, at least by its own ridiculously lofty standards

Seat To Stardom is easily the worst one by a landslide (probably followed by Rug Birds and Leap Frogs), but the show definitely has at least six major "dud" episodes, with all of them being absolutely atrocious compared to the rest
(With Friends Like These is actually extremely underrated and perhaps one of the show's BEST episodes, by the way) - xandermartin98

9 You never actually get to see Dr. Hutchison naked

Yes, I know the show is supposed to be family-friendly, but STILL (at least the fanart compensates) - xandermartin98

10 Show is literally the only good thing that its creator has made

Yes, I know that it's an EXTREMELY stereotypical opinion to have about Joe Murray,
but it still doesn't make it any less true if you ask me
(seriously, comparing Camp Lazlo to this show is so laughable and on so many levels that I don't even know where to start with it) - xandermartin98

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