Top Ten Things That Are More Annoying Than They Seem

These things are a minor irritation on the surface, but when you're in there, it's a nightmare. Read on.
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1 Younger Siblings

My seven year-old younger brother, who is very protective of his ugly stuffed dog named "Shiver", cries at everything. He cried when he got splashed after refusing to get in the swimming pool. He cried when I called him a "weird person". He cried when our mom wouldn't buy him a plastic bowl. The list goes on.
My eleven year-old younger sister is obsessed with frogs. She screamed and threw a book across the room when it mentioned a dead frog. She carries a stuffed frog named "Padz" everywhere. She gets upset if anyone touches him. When will it end?
Every morning, both of them ask our mom to make them "chocolate milky in a spill-proof cuppy". When I am doing my homework, they come into the room I am in and make loud (and very annoying) animal noises. They drive me crazy.

My sisters always bother me when I'm doing something. My seven-year-old sister cries very easily. I tease her sometimes but when she cries, my happiness gets shattered. So when she cries at school because of useless reasons, her teacher accuses me of making her cry. IT'S SO ANNOYING!

I can't STAND my little brother. He always has to get what he wants, no matter how ridiculously stupid it is, and my parents always stick up for him, and get mad when you try to tell him he's being a brat. I hate him so much and sometimes I wish he would die.

My younger sis a wakes me up at 6 every morning and is super annoying, she kisses me and calls me cute, I thought I was the one that needs to call her cute, and she copies everything I do starting with reading the same book as me ending with the clothing I wear, I FIND THIS SO CREEPY, I don't LIKE HAVING TO TAKE CARE OF HER.

2 Hot Weather

Sweat in your hair, sweat in your clothes, heat gets trapped in your house and in your car, so there's no escape; and also attracts flies, wasps, and not a lot here in Great Britain but a lot in many places, mosquitoes. Why do people say the cold is bad? It's the lesser of two evils.

I live in Florida, and it's so terrible! I just want to find a cold, dark place, to take a nap for a while...

I'm not a huge fan of the heat at all. At least when it's cold you can still layer up.

Lived in Australia 4 a year! A killer!

3 Insects

I was once at an airport in Kuala Lumpur, and an insect of the likes I'd never seen fell out of a hand dryer in the lavatory and hit my hand. I couldn't tell whether it had bitten me because I'd just been on a plane, so my hand was half numbed; and the air was humid. Even at midnight. Insects are really annoying, it must be said.

Whenever you're walking outside in the summer they buzz in your ears and even land on you, which tickles.

I'm afraid of insects

4 Airports

Hours after hours of hassle and tedious hanging about. Airports are horrific things. If one could just show them one's passport, give them one's luggage and get on the bloody plane, we'd all be happy.

Airports are so stressful to get through and I've had some nightmare experiences with flights being canceled or delayed. Just make things simpler and we'll all be happy

5 Lack of Sleep

When you think that one night awake will be fine, but you eventually feel half dead at midday. It's torturous.

That happens to me a lot and I'm very frustrated about it.

6 London Underground Trains

Truth is, getting, for instance, from Lancaster Gate to Paddington Station via the trains means ages and ages of waiting at stations and even longer on the dusty, grimy trains themselves. And costs you a fortune. Whereas walking there takes about a third of the time, is a simple trip through some of London's beautiful streets, and is absolutely free. Anyone noticed that?

Oh how I'd love to walk from Euston station through London's beautiful streets but it's just not practical. The grey suit I wear would be black by the time I got to work in central London and look as though I were going to a funeral and my heels would break my poor ankles. Weekends are different though, I hardly use the tube at all. I can relax!

7 Things Hiding In the Dark

It's so annoying when you tread on a pushpin that you just found on the floor. Need I say why?

Then you realize it's only your Peekaboo doll.

8 Hairs That You Can't Shave Off

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can shave all but one annoying little hair out, and they drive you crazy hanging about your face, itching like nothing else, plus they're incredibly obvious if you look closely; until you find tweezers, and then you still can't get a firm grip on them. And once you do, removing them pulls on your skin like an insect bite. Drives me mental!

Whenever I shave my legs, I always get one little patch that never comes off. Ugh!

9 Slow Internet

It makes this site more annoying to use. Messages don't pop up or I can't load a tab. Slow Internet is awful.

10 Foxes

They mark their territory on your doormat and up the walls and windows of your house, they bring dead mice that they'll never eat into your garden (which I caught one doing red-handed), they make sounds at night like Skrillex has been set on fire and they drive my dogs mental. And, of course, there's a STUPID song on everyone's lips about them. Cut us some slack, please.

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11 Being Tall

Being short SUCKS. HORRIBLY. You get people making fun of you, people thinking you're helpless, people that keep calling you "cute," the list goes on and on. Being tall would AWESOME! Then I could FINALLY reach that thing on the top of the shelf without having to grab a huge chair.

You get used to it, as I did, but that involves getting used to almost cracking your spine to pick things up, almost needing to put your legs in a vice to fit in small cars and even the longest of beds, and hitting your head on everything.

I can't sit or stand at the front peacefully. I'll always hear the phrase "Move your tall body away! ". It's also annoying how every time I meet people they're like "WOW! You're tall! ". I know I'm tall, no need to remind me

12 Zits

Some are easy to get rid of, but others aren't and they get all scarred up.

Hate them! Everyone's eyes are always on your pimples!

13 Being Popular
14 Being Short

My boyfriend thinks it's cute and adorable but it makes me really insecure and I hate it.

15 Flies

I think we can all agree that flies are annoying.

16 Sports Fanatics
17 Leg Cramps at Night
18 Stepping on Lego

Man! Its super annoying and hurt ...well I don't mind bcs it WAS mine

19 Playing Sports
20 Getting a Paper Cut
21 Imperial/Metric Conversions

Yes, these can be annoying. I use metric all the time, and it's really annoying when I have to measure ounces or degrees Farenheit.

22 Expired Food

I am the most fussiest person when it comes to expired food, and once I found my fridge half-empty with nothing left but rotting/moulding vegetables, cheese, and the lot.. It drives me mad.

23 Learning a New Language
24 Fog
25 Rain
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