Top 10 Things That Are Surprisingly Legal In the United States


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1 Firing a Missile (South Carolina)

Well if anyone ever invades South Carolina their in for a nightmare. Especially if they don't want to kill civilians.

This is actually legal in South Carolina?! I'm glad I live in North Carolina. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That could be used to kill or injure many people - Ajkloth

Thank god that only happens in the worse carolina

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2 Women Topless In Public (All States Except Utah, Indiana , and Tennessee)

Here's one thing though. Not every woman wants to walk around topless like a complete idiot.

What the hell? That's weird!

Now women are more prone to abuse...

How's that even possible? - listotaku17

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3 Having Sex With Animals (13 States)

That is disgusting, just stick with humans. - Ajkloth

So what's next? Humans getting married with animals?

Gee, I wonder if Princess Elise from Sonic 06 was raised in one of those 13 states... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Reminds me of Whitney Wisconsin with her dog - ParkerFang

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4 Drinking & Driving (Mississippi)

Here's one reason why I never plan on visiting Mississippi - Ajkloth

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5 Children Getting Drunk With Parents In Their Home (Massachusetts)

Unlike in Europe, where little kids can be served and get drunk in public restaurants.

... Massachusetts is weird man - kaitlynrad11

Come to America, we have drunk kids! - Ajkloth

I'm glad I live in England - jmepa1234

6 Owning a Flamethrower (All But 10 States)

This isn't bad, this is badass. Of course, if you kill anyone with it (other than an act of self defense) you'll get arrested on same charges if you killed in anyway. - SoldierOfFortune

That's a good way to burn your house down - Ajkloth

And all we need is some stupid redneck who thinks this is a good idea. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That isn't quite so surprising but still dangerous - jmepa1234

7 Marrying Your Cousin (26 States)

I have 23 cousins, 18 of them are girls and I am not attracted to any of them. - Ajkloth

That reminds me of a joke Gabriel Iglesias once made about rednecks taking their sister out on Thursday. No offense. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What is wrong with marrying a cousin? - jmepa1234

Reply @jmepa1234 "What is wrong with marrying a cousin? "
Children of cousin marriages have a doubled risk of genetic disorders because bad genes running in the family become stronger and cause more health problems (and many other things). - Metal_Treasure

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8 Texting While Driving (West Virginia)

I would hope that they are smart enough to not do it. - Ajkloth

My dad has this thing which tells him his texts - jmepa1234

9 Serving Roadkill As a Meal (All States Except Texas, California, and Washington)

I couldn't imagine eating roadkill! It would be dirty from the road and there would be countless germs. - Ajkloth

This is really weird! Why would you want to eat roadkill? - jmepa1234

Is it at least sanitized? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

10 Owning a Brown Bear (9 States)

This is my live teddy bear. He won't bite unless you get anywhere near him. - Merilille

I prefer to keep them in the zoo and not in my home. - Ajkloth

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11 Smoking Marijuana (23 States)

It's only legal if you have medical need ( cancer etc... ) for it ( proved by a Doctor who will prescribe you the substance ). It's not like it's legal for everybody like in Holland or other European countries ( where it's legal to sell, buy and smoke it ).

This honestly should be illegal! - PerfectImpulseX

F's sake. Literally this is awesome yet so sad for my country. - IronSabbathPriest

12 Gay Marriage (All States)

This crap shouldn't be happening. I have no problem with gays but it still shouldn't be legal - bobbythebrony

How is this surprising?

For the win. Also same sex bathrooms for the win. Even though there'd just be orgys everywhere. Shoot me dead. - IronSabbathPriest

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1. Children Getting Drunk With Parents In Their Home (Massachusetts)
2. Having Sex With Animals (13 States)
3. Drinking & Driving (Mississippi)
1. Firing a Missile (South Carolina)
2. Drinking & Driving (Mississippi)
3. Women Topless In Public (All States Except Utah, Indiana , and Tennessee)
1. Firing a Missile (South Carolina)
2. Owning a Flamethrower (All But 10 States)
3. Having Sex With Animals (13 States)

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