Top 10 Things that Aren't Really Overrated About Undertale


The Top Ten

1 Alphys
2 How adorably cute Temmie is

If you think that things cute you've never played other video games.

3 Alphamalg (Alphys X Amalgamates) fanfic series
4 Hotland
5 Most of the soundtrack (excluding Megalovania)


6 Mettaton's box form
7 Asgore
8 The True Lab segment
9 The Neutral Run
10 The combat system

The Contenders

11 Megalo Strikes Back and Alphys Takes Action, two of the best fan-made boss themes of all time

Who said it isn't overrated? Look at Megalo Strikes Back remixes!

12 The Pacifist Run

This is definitely the best in Undertale.

13 Burgerpants and his priceless facial expressions
14 The plot twist regarding Flowey's secret identity
15 Jerry
16 The graphics
17 Gaster
18 Its predecessor (Radiation's Earthbound Halloween Hack)
19 Napstablook
20 Alphys X Undyne
21 Alphys Höek
22 Alphys' Adventures (Fanfic)
23 The dating segments
24 The world-building
25 Its length
26 Its replayability
27 The price tag
28 It's ranking amongst the greatest indie games of all time as of 2015
29 The sheer WTF factor of Omega Flowey's appearance
30 How incredibly disturbing the Amalgamates are
31 Alphys' backstory
32 Most of the fancomics
33 Some of the Photoshop art
34 Onionsan
35 The bird that carries you over a disproportionately small gap
36 Toby Fox Toby Fox
37 Frisk
38 Mettaton's legs
39 The Genocide Run's final boss fight against Sans
40 The Pacifist Run's final boss fight against Asriel Dreemurr
41 Its difficulty level (outside of the Genocide Run)
42 The Genocide Run's boss fight against Undyne The Undying
43 The Amalgamates, especially Endogeny
44 How incredibly lovable and cute the characters are in general
45 The soundtrack's absolutely brilliant usage of leitmotif
46 The fanbase

The fanbase has at best scared people off of the game and in any case is the source for much of the hate.

47 The boss fight against Asgore
48 The morality system (for the most part)
49 How incredibly creepy Flowey can be at times
50 How insanely unsettling Sans can be at times (mostly during the Genocide Run)
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