Top Ten Best Things to Argue About

I just remixed a list of Most Pointless Things To Argue About so, I thought.. what's the best subject to engage in deep debate? Add anything that you would actually like to spend time having a non-heated argument about?

The Top Ten

1 Men vs Women

Some women have short memories, and seem to forget past causes when problems repeat themselves. Like problems with interpersonal communication, for example.

Some men think some, if not all, women are stupid. - Britgirl

Men are naturally more physically strong, and women are naturally more mentally strong. - LordDovahkiin

2 Metal vs All Other Music Genres

That might cause headache for all haha - Ananya

3 Best Country

Well of COURSE England is better than the U.S.. It's better at adopting American music. It's better at embracing socialism at the expense of liberty. It's better at allowing its traditional culture to be supplanted through reckless immigration policy (though we are catching up). It's better at being the protectorate of a superpower. And last but not least, it's better at losing control, owing to insufficiency at arms and of will, of one of the biggest, richest tracts of land on the planet. Yeah. Guess you win.

America, obviously. - LordDovahkiin

4 Best Pizza Toppings

You've always got that one idiot who thinks pineapples don't belong on a pizza. - jaxie

5 Football vs Rugby
6 Best Country Dialogues
7 Stormy vs Sunny Weather
8 Who Started It

A perennial favo(u)rite;).

Oh...clever :) A perennial faVoUrite indeed. Hmm...notice how "usually" starts with U...?... ;). - Britgirl

9 Manga vs Anime

Anime is the bast to wach bec is funny and is cool

10 T.V. Shows

The Contenders

11 Coffee vs Tea
12 Cartoons
13 Clean-Shaven vs Beards

That's subjective. For me, I would rather have a small beard. - LordDovahkiin

14 Megadeth vs Metallica
15 Jim Morrison vs Roger Daltrey

They both have really tough voices, thought it might be a good thing to argue about who the better singer is. (I would say Jim) - BrianScott01

Daltrey has much better range and more natural dirt in his voice. Morrison was a bass/baritone and really couldn't push. Voices are a lot like harp. Takes Herculean effort to make a G-harp scream. By comparison, an E or F will almost do it for you.

16 Movies
17 Death Metal vs Black Metal
18 Fur vs Feathers
19 EastEnders vs Coronation Street
20 Best Letters of the Alphabet

Best letters are these: J-o-s-h-u-a- - LordDovahkiin

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1. Metal vs All Other Music Genres
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1. Megadeth vs Metallica
2. Death Metal vs Black Metal
3. Manga vs Anime
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3. Manga vs Anime



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