Top Ten Things Artists Are Tired of Hearing

The fact of it is, people don't respect art as a real career. I have to deal with this all the time. People spitting over my dreams, telling me to give up, that art is useless and an impossible career, that I'll be homeless. And then I have to deal with thinking that I'm not talented enough, not working hard enough, not winning enough, not creative enough... Its tough out there for an artist.

NOTE: I realize art includes music, literature, films, etc. But for the sake of this list, I'm referring to visual and fine arts.

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Can you draw me?

I don't know why they ask this because it's not like they'll actually care if you draw it, usually. I just want to do my own art. I usually say no but it's asked so frequently it's annoying.

it's annoying where you draw them like "Can you draw me?" you say "sure". after doing your hard work drawing a random person, you gave to the person without paying or anything. later in the next day "CaN yOu DrAW mE?" I mean just don't. why would you draw a random person you don't know. unless they are your friends or BFF's

No, I will not draw you. Even if I wanted to, I will not give it to you for free!

Yes, I can draw you. But do I want to?
I mostly draw cats and animals along with the occasional patterns, and I'm still practicing with anatomy on humans. You see that I mostly draw animals and you want me to draw you a portrait? My classmates bother me so much because I'm trying to work and they kinda just... peer over my shoulder and whisper in my ear, "A cat can't be blue and have purple stripes! " Well my friends, that's my art style, not yours. I only draw my closest friends stuff because I know they won't claim it as their own. My classmates want me to draw them, but I don't want to. That's one of the major causes of my sarcastic and prickly personality.
Other artists out there, stay strong and if they keep on asking you...
"There's just one thing I'd want you to know.

I want to punch you in the face."

You're going to be poor.

This only happens to artists who can't do advertising and marketing.

Art is ridiculed all the time, because there's this twisted misconception that art is an impossible career where you'll end up under a highway in a box, or something. That's what I was told my whole life. And that's why I gave up when I was younger. But no, art is a real career. Especially in the age of technology. Open your minds people, art is not a ticket to homelessness like it once was.

Not anymore. Artist may not exactly be living in a nice mansion near a lake with a yacht or anything, but with the internet and all that, it's increasingly becoming easier. Plus, of course art is a job. Why wouldn't it be? People sell their art all the time!

Art opens up thousands of careers these days.

Artists only get famous after they die.

And what will you be when you die? Will your office job get you famous and recognized, dead or alive? Exactly. I don't do art to get famous, but if I did, let me tell you, the quality would decrease dramatically.

True for some but not for all

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali are good examples are why this isn't true.

This isn't true. There are many famous artists who are still alive.

Do you draw realistically?

This is basidcally me. I hear this all the time. "How come you can draw bodies and stuff but not realistic faces? " Well, here's the truth. Lemme just, you know, practice all the time for a long time with this stuff? I mean, really? I don't understand how people can have the nerve to insult and stuff on your art style or whatever, but they couldn't even draw a stick figure. Honestly guys. Chill.

This is for all my anime and cartoonists. You know what I'm talking about.

My style is the style that's between anime and realistic, you know, smaller mouth, bigger, shinier eyes, smaller nose, complicated hair.

My art is cartoony with bright colors. I don't like drawing realistically

Can you teach me how to draw?

Okay. First I get a reference photo, then I take the pencil and I do the thing on the paper.

I can't. I've dealt with this question my entire life. Its simply practice and passion. No secret formula! Discover what methods and mediums work for you and simply draw. There's no other way besides grueling work and a fiery passion for art.

No, because then you're just going to try to copy my art style and then get pissed when it doesn't look like an exact carbon copy of my work.

you can't just teach someone how to draw in 5 minutes, if you really want to draw then you have to actually put forth the initiative to practice for years and years to be able to do so. I've been drawing since I was 3 and I'm only just getting to a point where my art doesn't hurt to look at.

I feel so flattered when I'm asked this

Maybe you should pursue something more realistic.

If it's possible to get a degree in meme culture, it's possible to be an artist

The same people who say this are the same people who are jealous because they didn't pursue their dreams.

To this, I say, be realistic about your own speciality. I'm an aspiring scientist, and fact is, very few people get to the stage that I'm at now, despite having a long way to go. In the same way, it takes a lot of motivation and experience to be an artist of Joy's standards, and she's still progressing because she keeps grinding. Whether it's a hobby or a profession, people are successful in their fields because they have high aims, and however one rates success, the ratio between experts within the hierarchical degrees of success in a certain subject are approximately the same, regardless of how many people are in fact taking it.

So I should throw out my colored pencils (I would never, they're really expensive) and get a boring old cubicle job where I do nothing for eight hours, working for a boss who doesn't care about me, with coworkers who are bitter and mean?
I say, pursue something that makes you happy.

Art can be just a hobby.

Telling me to put art to the side is asking me to throw away what I love. I want to do art for my life, and I want to pursue it seriously. So stop acting as if my aspirations are a joke. This is what I want, it deserves more than being a simple "hobby".

I like art, such as singing, acting, writing (I've written a few books but never showed anybody), drawing, etc and there isn't anything I want as a career. So, no, it won't be just a hobby.

I get this, but with guitar. If I tell them music is my dream, they just say "a lot of kids say that, just keep it as a hobby". It pisses me off

That's what my mom says to me about singing. I don't wanna be a doctor or something, I would want to do something I enjoy.

Art is pointless

So music, video games, books, movies, and theater are pointless?

Art is one of the main things that move us. It's everywhere: movies, T.V. shows, dancing, music, etc. So if they think this is true they probably don't like any of the above. They are also very boring.

Then the creation of things is pointless too. Just like music and movies, a picture can move you. Speak to you. Tell a story. Make your jaw drop and fascinate you. Hardly pointless.

Hey buddy, you're surrounded by arts.

I have a ___ who's a REALLY good artist.

I will tell you right now, artists hate meeting people more talented than them. I always thought I was just a jealous person, but I haven't met a single artist who disagreed. So no, I don't want to see the person whose amazing and a national art champion. I don't need any help lowering my self-esteem!

I hate it when people say that /so much./ Artists don't like to see artists that are better them. Some can handle it, but from my own experience, it can be very disheartening to see others much better than you. It's just one of those things. The other people are doing great, but its just hard on artists to look at others art.

"Well at least I'm better than you".

Ewwwwww is he/she naked!?!!!!!!!!

I draw the outline of a naked person, then I draw the clothes.

No. You blind bi-

I'm sorry if this is disturbing to you, but in art, ya have to learn how to draw boobs, and those male and female bits. Sorry. B)

Yeeess I get that a LOT. I'm just doing anatomy bro.

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Cool! Can I see?

It's fine if they wait for an answer but if they just take my sketchbook before I respond I will hate them. I feel like people who get mad at people who ask politely are just being rude.

Oh sweet everything. This! /This./ I've had my notebooks stolen by teachers and other students. Guys, I appreciate the interest and all but, I have personal stuff in there. You don't know what you're going to find in there. Anatomy practice is a thing. You don't know what else is hidden among the pages, that I don't want people seeing either.

NOW DRAW ME FIVE CATS? LIKE THE Japanese KIND! KAWAII1! *draws Japanese bobcat (Which are fabulous by the way) * Please use the correct terminology if you know my shtick is realistic cats

"May I look through your art? " and then someone immediately snatches my sketchbook only to find all of the anatomy practice and vents. ( Excuse my English )

I can draw the same thing.

Then stop bugging me for free art

Why the heck are you bothering me then?

Sure you can

Is that anime?

No. Just because I draw anime a few times does not mean that I draw them all the time, my art is sort of on the realistic side. Also I hate when people can cleay see that it is a human face in real life and ask "Is that anime" NO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GREAT NO. How dumb can a person be?

Anime is a joke

I got mad when someone asked me this so I asked them to show me of an example of how it looked like anime and they called me over sensative and stormed off.

Yes, it's a mistake.

You're wasting you're potential by only drawing cartoons!

Maybe cartooning is what I want to do in life Karen. So please, respect my drip and let me to continue to make characters for my imaginary show.

I like drawing cartoons, okay?

You're such a great drawer

Thanks for calling me a piece if furtinute

I am not a furniture

Thanks, I’m not even being sarcastic right now.

“I can’t even draw a stick figure!”

That's so annoying. It's always either you can and are such saying that to try and "boost me up", exaggerating greatly, or not even trying to draw.

, I get this all the time and it gets so annoying.

Small talk.

I KNOW you can draw a stick figure. Don’t tell me you can’t, you’re just not trying. You try to be flattering but frankly it’s just annoying. Saying this is not a compliment.

I think __would inspire you.

Why not? They give you ideas and ways to improve. If you care about being the best artist you can be, you should capitalize on every opportunity you get

Okay, I get it. Just because I can do it myself does not mean I want to see other people who do it. Can I just skip the autobiography of (famous/negligible artist name), or do I need to act inspired?

Try doing something that actually contributes to society and makes the world a slightly better place.

No u

€I’ll say the same thing to you and serve this lovely steak on a nice silver platter with a few ‘Go-****-yourself’ shrimps, sautéed with ‘slap across the face’ spiced wine”

I want you to draw me ________ right now!

No, I don't want to, because this compels me to meet your standards which are not the same as mine. I am not a mind reader and therefore can not and will not make you a request.

Is that you?

I had made many self portraits and some people have the nerve to say: “Is that you? ”. No! It’s Madonna! They are so rude. Oh, and then,? when I reply yes it’s me, they say: “It doesn’t look like you “.

Digital art is not real art

that is so true. I do digital art and my family and friends be like "digital art is not real art, try traditional art that is so mush better". and they can't even draw a stick figure properly. it annoys me a lot

If you think digital art is not real art, you can go shove your head down a toilet to refresh your brain please

Hey, you're an artist

This comes before someone asks you to do something that they and, especially you, do not want to do.

This happens to me a lot. And I really hate it.

Drawing anime and cartoons are for kids. Try something more artistic and original

I just hate it when they ask me to draw like Picasso or try to make me draw nature or real people just because they think manga is for kids. I'm not drawing for them anyway, I'm doing it because I enjoy it.

Cartoony is my art style tho :/

Artist can draws whatever they want,
not eyeryone has same artstyles like Sakimichan or other artist who's can draws realistic.

That looks weird!

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's weird. Every art is art, not bad art nor good art. It's all art and it doesn't matter what you think?

There is no such thing as a "bad artist"

Ok, just because I didn't draw it the way YOU like it, that doesn't mean you can say it's weird. Go draw Somthing you like if you think mine's so weird.

Can I look in your sketchbook?

For those of you who ALWAYS carry a sketchbook, You will probably hear people asking you what you'r drawing or if they can look in you'r sketchbook, they should understand that you can't answer 50 questions at once!

Anyone who touches my sketchbook is asking to get slapped.

Person: can I see your sketchbook?
Me: you asking for a death wish?

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