Top 10 Things to Ask Jeff the Killer

If you got a question, Then Jeff the famous creepypasta Character will answer it. SO these are 10 things to ask Jeff about!

The Top Ten

1 Why did Chuck Norris beat you up so badly?

Jeff: Usually if I see Chuck Norris coming, I run away as fast as I can.

Jeff: I stay away from Chuck Norris, because he'll Round House Kick me.


2 Why do you kill people?

Jeff: I'm crazy and I enjoy watching the life drain from there eyes

Jeff: Because My good looking face just got burned!

Whant a balloon jeff


3 Do you hate Dora the Explorer?

Jeff: UGH! Please don't talk about that show. Its more scary than me! Its too horrifying to watch!

Jeff: sorry I'm too busy mutilating dead bodies to answer that

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4 What is your favorite color?

Jeff: White is my favorite color of all time

Jeff: Red, like the color of my victim's blood

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5 Do you ever sleep?

Jeff: yes I love to sleep with men and have sex with them in bed

Jeff: just because I don't have eyelids doesn't mean I can't sleep

Jeff: I can't close my eyes. so no I don't sleep. but instead. You Do!

Are you a real creepypastaq character

6 Is Ben your best friend?

Jeff: Uhh no. Well he is just a stupid statue. Ben: I HEARD THAT! Jeff: laugh out loud

Jeff: who?

7 Who is your pet?

Jeff: Smile dog duh. But anyways I have to go take him for a walk so I will be right back.

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8 What is your reaction to 2 Girls 1 cup?

Jeff: I jack off to it

Jeff: I don't use the internet

Jeff: Uh I don't know why? * Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup * * Barfs * Oh my god! That is the most disgusting video I have ever seen! That's worst than those Horrifying Cute Ponies!

Jeff gruesomely murders people daily, yet 2 girls 1 cup grosses him out? - Cyberman

9 What would you do if Eyeless Jack took your kidneys?

Jeff: I would first ask Him for my Kidney's back, and then I would KILL HIM!

Jeff: tear his guts out and smear them all over his face

10 Why do you look like Marilyn Manson?

Jeff: because I'm gay and proud

Jeff: I am a homosexual slave

Jeff: I got set on fire and came out looking white so I'm still trying to figure that mystery out

Jeff: Go to sleep.

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11 Do you have a crush on anyone?

Jeef: uh... *blushes* mabye

12 Who would you choose to play football with: Slenderman or Ben?

Jeff: I don't play football but I do love to play my own balls

Jeff plays with his ding dong

Jeff: I.Kill.People! I don't have time for sport

Jeff: Uh... Slenderman: Jeff what are you doing? Jeff: I'm answering these people some questions maybe you can figure it out Slendy! Slenderman: DON'T CALL ME SLENDY! * Throws Jeff through the window * Jeff: ugh... ok I will stop... Ow... Slenderman: * Troll face * He He He. Welp that's it! I hope you like this very funny list and don't worry folks! I Will do more! So Bye

13 What cartoons do you watch?

Jeff: Happy Tree Friends is my favorite cartoon that I grow up as a kid

Jeff: have you forgotten I kill people for a living?

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14 Are animals awesome?

Jeff:Which ones?

Jeff: I eat animals

15 I'm not a fangirl but what do you think of them?

Jeff: They're mentally ill. - JakePlaid

Jeff:don't TALK ABOUT THEM please? annoying! Anyways,I'm supposed to be ugly,but these fangirls are ruining my reputation!

Fangirls:we love chuu!
Soul(female):oh God no please don't say
Fangirls:Jeffrey f-meh daddy
Soul:ew nasty retards
A riot has started

16 Would you kill jason?

What do u think the answer is of course I would kill him

17 What do you think of the SpongeBob episode A Pal for Gary?

Jeff: I don't watch T.V. anymore

Jeff:Let me watch it. *After the episode* Jeff:*angrily* That was the worst episode ever! I can't believe SpongeBob did this to Gary.

18 Do you like Sonic. Exe or Ticci Toby as a friend?

Jeff:hm a made up video game character or a mindless slave...tricky

Jeff:i hate them both logically

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19 Can we be best friends? I'm a killer just like you!

Jeff: your a killer? I don't care lol *stabs* - Cyberman

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20 Have you ever met Freddy Krueger?

Jeff: I have never met him. but I dream about him when he does something terrifying me😨

Jeff: yeah Jason kicked his ass. Freddy: you little unoriginal bitch

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