Top 10 Things to Ask Modern Rappers of Today

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1 Why do you overuse the N word?

I've always wondered that too. I thought it's racist to say the N word. - NikoX

6ix9ine (of Mexican decent) uses the n word more than half the black rappers today

2 Why do you care about money that much? There are better things in this world to care about.

Money seems to interest people nowadays. I feel like the popular mainstream Music talks about sex, love, drugs, partying, and sexual orientation. - NikoX

Almost everyone is money crazy, not just rappers. - LemonComputer

3 Why are you so sexual all the time?

Ah sex is what most mainstream rap artists tend to go for today. - NikoX

Why do you only listen to sexual rap? - LemonComputer

4 Why do you only care about specific women?

Everyone has their preferences, but the way rap artists put. It. They tend to shame certain women. - NikoX

Why do you only listen to sexual rap? - LemonComputer

5 Why do you think that you're a god?

No rappers believe that they're Gods. Where did you get the idea that they do from? - LemonComputer

I think they mean Kanye "Yeesus" West

6 Why don't you rap about what's happening in the world and not rap about strippers?

Why do you only listen to that sort of rap? - LemonComputer

They do, but it's mostly mainstream rap artists like Lil Yahty's songs tend to become popular. - NikoX

7 Why are you always horny all the time?

Why do you only listen to that sort of rap? - LemonComputer

I ask myself the same question Kiana my dear. Not all rap artists are horny. - NikoX

8 Do you call mumbling stupidly rapping?

Rapping is talking to the beat of the music. It doesn't involve mumbling. If you think that it is 'mumbling stupidly', you are a rare type of person who cannot sense beats. - LemonComputer

Looking at you, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and Fetty Wap!

Young Thug is a great rapper that does a lot of good for the community - 4our2wen0ty

9 Where is the talent at?

Electronic instruments and stuff takes talent. Rappers usually have much higher vocabulary than everyone who isn't a rapper, as they need this for their job. Sense of beat. The list goes on and on. - LemonComputer

You got little to no talent in the rap industry. - NikoX

Oh wait... There is none.

10 How do you feel about all this misinformation, stereotypes and just plain false information that people blindly follow?

Terrible. - BorisRule

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11 Why are you sharing personal information about your penis/vagina?

Why do you only listen to that type of rap? - LemonComputer

Maybe they're obsessed with it. - NikoX

12 Aren't you getting sick of people calling you bad just because you live in the 21st century?
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