Top 10 Things to Ask a Writer

Looking for questions that generally don't bother us? Here.

The Top Ten

1 How was your day?

Writers are people too! - Cyri

2 Can I read it?

Yes. My profile has a link that may or may not work. - Cyri

3 What's the genre?

Fantasy. - Cyri

4 What moment was the most fun to write?

Me? Either the prologue, or Nira's dialogue. - Cyri

5 Favorite characters?

Besides my "second self", Nira, Ash, and Nick. Now, the third one annoys me, but that's why he's great. I tried to make his start-of-story self unlikeable. Note that it's his first few chapters. - Cyri

6 Why did the story go that way?

It shaped itself. - Cyri

7 What inspired you?

Wings of Fire. Also, in some ways, my life.

EDIT: I reread Harry Potter. My first fantasy series, which I started at five or six (I was always a reader), had an influence too. - Cyri

Cyri actually inspired me, not gonna lie - darthvadern

8 When did you start writing?

March 2015 (a cringey one) - darthvadern

November 2017. - Cyri

9 Why did you start?

No idea actually - darthvadern

My friend was a writer. How did he start? I have no godsmacken idea. - MaxAurelius

ELA project gave me ideas. - Cyri

10 How do you name characters?

Finding sounds that fit, and then names for the sounds. I'm unique. - Cyri

The Contenders

11 How many subplots should a book have?

Not too many. Not too few to have a believable story, but not so many the book is crowded. I'd say 1-3. - Cyri

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