Top Ten Things Asked When You First Meet a Person

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1 What's your name?

Well duh! This is what you should do when you first meet a person. You don't just walk up to someone cute and say "Hey, you wanna go out? " Do any of you do this?

Hey, there, I'm (insert your name), what's your name?
Hey, how's it going, I'm (insert your name), you free Friday night? Or how about we meet on Saturday?

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2 Where are you from?

This is hard because I'm from two cities

Why would it matter where they're from?

3 Are you American?

i'm not American

4 Are you married?
5 Can you speak English?
6 Are you a Barcelona or a Madrid fan?

Well of course! Don't we all just love to randomly go up it strangers and ask which soccer team they prefer?

7 Are you in love?
8 Are you gay?

"Hello, pleased to meet you. Are you gay? "
Haha! Funny but very unlikely. - Britgirl

9 Do you want any help?
10 How old are you?

This should be at least in the top ten cause you can never be sure about ones age. If your not careful, then next thing you know, you're engaged with a 12-year-old

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11 You hate Justin Bieber, right?

If they didn't; end conversation immediately.

12 Where did you buy this from?
13 Will you go out with me?

Is it strange I would loved to be asked this by s complete stranger. - happyhappyjoyjoy

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14 Do you like Big Brother?

They better say no than

15 Do you like SpongeBob?
16 Are you on FB? Let me check your profile. I'll just be a sec.
17 Are you meeting me for the first time? I bet you were excited to talk to me.
18 Are you the greatest person of all time?
19 Which AFL team do you go for?
20 Do you like waffles?


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