Things Assassin's Creed Victory Needs

Upcoming title known as Victory is set in Victorian London, and the screenshots look epic. Leaked not long after the release of Unity and Rogue, this looks like the setting many of us have finally been waiting for. Perfect time and location combination, looks more bright and modern but without guns taking over: not too modern. The screenshots at night look amazing.

The Top Ten Things Assassin's Creed Victory Needs

1 Gripping story
2 Gripping hero
3 More vibrant and modern city
4 Naval combat

Obviously because it is set in London and there isn't a sea, it won't be able to go naval and can't come close to Black Flag for this, but it should at least have some form of a naval side to keep fans happy, maybe using the river Thames, or sailing to other locations. - EvilAngel

5 Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and The Tower Of London
6 Playable present time sequences
7 Better combat mechanics
8 More stealth
9 More main story missions
10 More innovative side content

The Contenders

11 Less reliance on companion app
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