Top Ten Things Autistic People Are Tired of Hearing


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21 "You're faking it for excuses"
22 "Quit being so sensitive"
23 "Wait, you're autistic? You have that disease thing?"

One time I was at an all autism party my parents sent me to and there was those two kids my age that hanged around a party and they didn't know it was an all autism party and when they found out they just shouted "WHAT? I'm in a disease party for sick people?! " - JelloLife

Autism is not a disease. - DynastiSugarPop

Autism is NOT a disease! - BorisRule

It's not a disease and I wish people would stop calling it that. You don't die from it. Autsim doesn't make you sick - Enderninja327

24 "Mr. No Humor"

I'm autistic and I have a sense of humour. I tell jokes, and laugh at jokes.

Who are you talking to? I'm not a boy. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

25 "You dummy! You're not in our group!"

EVERY TIME WE HAD TO DO GROUP PROJECTS, and I was put in one group, everyone, who knew I was autistic and thought I was dumb and gullible, just said that on purpose to get me out. I cried and didn't do the project.


Damn that sucks. I know how you feel. At least it's not as bad as getting hit by a durian on the butt - AlphaQ

26 "Thanks a lot, queen of the losers."

Wouldn't you be a boy? - Croy987

27 "You're insane!"
28 "You need to grow up kid"
29 "Your way of thinking is just creepy"

And yours is mean!

30 "You're a weirdo"

That's what my 12 year old sister said to me

31 "What is wrong with you?"
32 "You're so annoying"
33 "Idiot!"
34 "You're such a crybaby"
35 "Whiney!"
36 "Nobody likes you!"
37 "Ugly Face!"
38 "Go live in a zoo"
39 "You disgusting animal"
40 "Go Back to Daycare, Baby!"
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1. "Why don't you get friends?"
2. "You're faking it for attention"
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1. "Why don't you get friends?"
2. "You're faking it for attention"
3. "Stop covering your ears!"



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