Things to Avoid When Making a Cartoon

If you’re making a cartoon, avoid adding ANY of these elements to the show or face the wrath of critics or Rule 34 artists! NOTE: This list is satire, and not to be taken seriously.

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1 Making a Cartoon

You can't fail if you don't try. - shadomatrix

Ironic - BorisRule

Just don’t make a damn cartoon! - ReturnOfScorpio

2 Barefoot Characters

The biggest recent example of this (as of July 2019) is Bea, from Pokémon Sword and Sheild. The moment the toes become visible, you’ll have fruits from FootFetishBooru come naruto running up to them. - ReturnOfScorpio

3 Sibling Characters

Hate incest shippings? Don’t make sibling characters! Dipper and Mabel Pines became the victims of Pinecest, Lincoln Loud and his sisters became the victims of Loudcest, and (it’s not exclusive to western animation) May and Max from Pokémon became the victims of PetalburgShipping. God help us all! - ReturnOfScorpio

4 Mystery/Paranormal Driven Plot

This is getting kinda stale by now. Scooby-Doo made it cool, Gravity Falls reinvented it, and everybody and their mama wanted a slice of Alex Hirsch’s pie. Welcome To the Wayne, anyone? - ReturnOfScorpio

5 Becoming the Victim of an Animated Atrocities Episode

If the infamous Mr. Enter finds out you made a cartoon that isn’t up to his standards (which are garbage), he will dedicate >3 episodes of his “Animated Atrocities” series on your show. - ReturnOfScorpio

6 Making It a Success on Nickelodeon

Chances are, once it becomes a hit, you’ll lose the show for some reason and it’ll be milked for years to come. Spongebob? - ReturnOfScorpio

7 Giving It to Disney

If you let Disney get it’s hands on your show, you’ll never properly be able to license it again! Oh, and if you have a dead kid, you can’t put a character from your show on their grave stone (this happened with Winnie the Pooh. Google it)! - ReturnOfScorpio

8 Dads in White Shirts

Homer Simpson
Bob Belcher
Peter Griffin

Can we change the shirt color?! - ReturnOfScorpio

9 Taking Place Over Summer Vacation

The summer vacation plot has been milked dry by now. How about an adventure in the winter during school? Because how many shows need to be “hey, wanna do many adventures this summer, or just one big epic one? ” - ReturnOfScorpio

10 Casting Dee Bradley Baker, Grey Griffin, or Kevin Michael Richardson

These guys are in damn near everything! Get somebody else! - ReturnOfScorpio

The Contenders

11 Stereotypes

No! Teenagers don’t find summer love, and dads aren’t swearing!

12 Night Time

Night is very difficult because instead of being able to use bright primary colours, you have to have as many shades of grey as you possible want.

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