Things a Bad Admin Would Do

The Top Ten

1 Ban users who have a different opinion than them

Hm...remind you of anyone? - TwilightKitsune

2 Ban everyone who followed a user that they don’t like
3 Not approve good creative lists so they can make it on their main account

That would be really annoying! Especially for me because I barely make lists that are kind of okay I guess and then Admin would steal them!

4 Act biased and favour users

Sounds very, VERY familiar... - TwilightKitsune

5 Ban everyone
6 Control the rankings on good user ranking lists to put admin at 1
7 Edit people’s post to write mean things about other users so they think the user said it

That would not be good, especially if it was a post that took someone 10 years.

That would make me want to leave.

8 Suspend Users for Bad Reasons

Sounds like current admin

9 Delete people’s post series that has admin in it
10 Suspend users who were trolled and let trolls/cyberbullies stay

Admin suspended Catacorn but let BlackVelvetDixE stay... - NightmareCinema

The Contenders

11 Write mean comments on people’s post
12 Make good list ideas non-votable so admin can make them

Did someone actually do this before? If so that's harsh. - codydoestuff

13 Delete good post series so Admin can copy and paste them
14 Listen To Crybabies
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