Things a Bad Admin Would Do

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1 Ban users who have a different opinion than them


Hm...remind you of anyone? - TwilightKitsune

2 Ban everyone who followed a user that they don’t like
3 Not approve good creative lists so they can make it on their main account

That would be really annoying! Especially for me because I barely make lists that are kind of okay I guess and then Admin would steal them!

4 Act biased and favour users

Sounds very, VERY familiar... - TwilightKitsune

5 Suspend Users for Bad Reasons

Admin in a nutshell. - Userguy44

Looking at you Admin - Randomator

Sounds like current admin

6 Ban everyone
7 Control the rankings on good user ranking lists to put admin at 1
8 Edit people’s post to write mean things about other users so they think the user said it

That would make me want to leave.

That would not be good, especially if it was a post that took someone 10 years.

9 Suspend users who were trolled and let trolls/cyberbullies stay

This happens too much these days. - Userguy44

Suspend users like TheDarkOne and B1ueNew and he let NBLP4Eva stay. Just why admin? - Userguy44

Admin suspended Catacorn but let BlackVelvetDixE stay... - NightmareCinema

10 Delete people’s post series that has admin in it

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11 Write mean comments on people’s post
12 Make good list ideas non-votable so admin can make them

Did someone actually do this before? If so that's harsh. - codydoestuff

13 Delete good post series so Admin can copy and paste them
14 Listen To Crybabies

Yeah, he defends NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva. - Userguy44

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