Top Ten Things Bad TopTenners Do

There are the good TopTenners and then there's the bad ones. You may be surprised about this and you may even do some of the things that bad TopTenners do.. If you do, consider this list as a way to improve and not as if I'm picking on you because I'm not.

The Top Ten

1 Not accept others' opinions

I've been told to "Die of cancer, bitch" I've been called a "retard" "Why don't you get off this site and die? "

Yep. I'm a really bad TopTenner for not accepting 'opinions' like these. What is admin even thinking of anyway, letting comments like these through? - Britgirl

Scroll down on Sword Art Online's Greatest Anime of All Time comments section enough, and you'll see a visitor calling the anime stupid, the author stupid, and worst of all, for the fans of Sword Art Online to go home and die. That is the worst comment I have ever heard in my life. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There are some people here who can't stand someone "invading" their lists with their ideas. You all know who you are. - PositronWildhawk

Half of TheTopTens in a nutshell - TeamRocket747

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2 Blatantly rip off lists from other websites

What does the fifth rule of making a list say? Exactly.

It's okay to make a list which is the same as an external one but don't copy the order and descriptions. That requires no effort and puts you in the group of bad users. - Cazaam

I have a book called "Children's Miscellany" and its all 3 volumes.
If I used it, I can easily make lists
But I have used it to create JUST ONE LIST. Then I realised that it was boring to receive votes in such a way.
That list is" Top 10 countries that begin and end with the same letter"
I guess I am a bad user after all - Animefan12

You learned from your mistakes! Good job! And you're a truly underrated user, even if you have 142 followers! - PizzaGuy

I take help from other websites for information. For example I search on Wikipedia for information about their formation, legacy etc. - zxm

We're not Matthew Santoro, let's just be creative and try having a little sense for once. - naFrovivuS

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3 Make lists on their political/religious beliefs

This is especially directed at a list called "Changes America should make" This list started with some user giving stupid examples like "Ban the Theory of Evolution" Well, evolution has evidence to back it up. Stop making lists off your religious beliefs and give better ideas. Good news the community could fix this list up and give more realistic changing scenarios.

Okay, this isn't aimed at lists which are like this for example: Top Ten Flaws With the Theory Of Evolution. This list would be a fine list to make and I'd have no problems if such a list was made. - Cazaam

I don't like these "top 10 best religions" lists. It's mostly people saying that their religion is the right one and that everyone else is a terrorist - Phillip873

Religious debates are pretty much pointless. Let the people decide, and don't be too aggressive with your stance.

I get annoyed by religious comments always getting the most thumbs ups - SpectralOwl

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4 Make lists to promote themselves

These lists all scream out the same thing: HI GUYS! I'M AWESOME AND HERE ARE TEN THINGS THAT WILL MAKE AN ARGUMENT IN MY FAVOUR SO OBVIOUS THAT I DON'T HAVE TO BACK IT UP WITH ANYTHING! There are users who have actually made interesting arguments, but it's one in a million. The ones that get attention are the ones who say "I like video games" or "I make millions from YouTube." - PositronWildhawk

I don't make any user ranking list anymore. But I made two or three lists. But I didn't include myself. Well, one particular list I included myself, something like movie lovers. But I included myself at last. But I have never made a list about myself. And nor did I ever put myself on top of a user ranking list. - zxm

Although I am guilty of doing this on my Pug account, I regret that. The point of the user ranking lists is to try to rank users based on the subject of the list and you could possibly promote other users. Instead, if you put yourself at number one, you're a selfish narcissist. Put others before yourself. - Puga

I thought about doing this but I decided against it - codydoestuff

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5 Not accept criticism for their actions

Criticism is there to help you become a better user. If you ignore it or deny it, you won't improve. - Cazaam

If you get criticism, you probably deserve it. - gemcloben

I've received some criticism lately about spamming messages, so I will do my best to not do that again. I will simply just be patient for my lists to become popular. Thanks, PositronWildhawk. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm getting over 9000 - Chaotixhero

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6 Bully fellow TopTenners

I know 2 bullies already. And I just joined 3 weeks ago. - NoOreoForU

And there is one user who reported multiple users for "bullying" him while he himself is the most immature user on the site.

I apologize in advance if I hurt you in any way. Just to let you know, I will not respect you if you can't respect me. Watch what you say towards me, along with anyone else. - naFrovivuS

I know a bully on the top tens, at least to me. - lovefrombadlands

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7 Troll other users

Most users troll other's lists when they are logged out. But still I can guess who is trolling with my list. Because when users trolling they act in different ways. Not all trolls do the same things. - zxm

These crazy frozen fans troll all of the frozen hate lists and they cannot accept someone hating frozen. - Gamecubesarecool193

SpongeBobSuxx can be found trolling SpongeBob lists all the time. - Goatworlds

Should be #1 - NoOreoForU

8 Dislike comments for no reason

I sometimes do this, but on accident, I do not actually mean it. I only dislike on purpose when I do not like something. - AnimeDrawer

The irony of this visitors comment. - Minecraftcrazy530

On my old account, I got dislikes for liking Doc McStuffins, Lion Guard, and CRITICIZING a pointless comparison list. - Cartoonfan202

Admin disabled disliking. - Drawbox

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9 Not put explanations for their ordering on their lists

For a list that is completely based on opinion and is about a serious subject, leaving comments on your submissions can give other users an idea of why you have that opinion. That's a good thing. People can see where you're coming from then.

Again, not all lists need this, only the more serious lists require this reasoning for your choices. - Cazaam

There's a list of "Food you thought were vegetarian/vegan" and they had no descriptions. The list baffled me. I think explanations make a list much better in terms of quality, and on an opinionated site, gives the list the base it needs to become a popular list. - keycha1n

I don't do this because I'm bad. I just do this because I'm too lazy to write a description for every single item. - RockFashionista

I don’t think this is bad because on lists people don’t say “I put Heaven In Hiding at 1 because Halsey has an amazing vocal range and the lyrics are beautiful” or something on the lists they make. You should do that on remixes. - lovefrombadlands

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10 Idolize one TopTenner over the others

These users would idolise the first popular people on the site they find. Most likely Britgirl, Positron Wildhawk or some other popular user. - Cazaam

They actually need a therapist. - Ananya

I idolise Britgirl but I looked at PositronWildhawk and MatrixGuy and a few others before - jmepa1234

I am nowhere near "popular". I joined today so I'm not surprised. - FennikenFan9

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The Newcomers

? Post bad comments

I'll admit that I actually wrote some bad comments on here and trust me when I say that I highly regret it. - Aragorn98

? Add Justin Bieber to Every List

It gets old

The Contenders

11 Make lists about killing people

If I ever see someone make such a list, then I legitimately never want to lay eyes on them for as long as I live.

Does killing people make you a bad person? No it doesn't - bobbythebrony

Killing people to defend your country from invaders doesn't make you a bad person. In fact, it makes you a good one!

Unless It's Dora the Explorer

I've been sick of everyone complaining about such lists because they get butthurt over such jokes.

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12 Publish lists without descriptions

I'm going to make an exception for this one. If it's something very obvious and everyone who would see that list would know what it meant, then fine. Lists like Top Ten Yo Momma Jokes don't need descriptions because everyone knows what it is. What does tick me off is when people don't put time into making good lists and just shovel rubbish lists out there trying to get popular. These lists are often confusing and you don't know what the list even means sometimes. - Cazaam

A bit lazy, but not terrible. It's better to do it with a description depending on what the list is. - Lucretia

I do this all the time - gemcloben

Not always lists need description. if the title is clear then you don't have to repeat anything - zxm

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13 Hate users

I don't "hate" any users in particular, but I do have some, erm, displease, for some users' actions. - naFrovivuS

14 Whine about everything

Not to be confused with wine. - Merilille

I'm looking at you BigBrotherSucks - bobbythebrony

15 Rely too much on a gimmick

This is an example of trying to look different from other users when really they're just another user who is the same as the others except they rely on a gimmick such as pretending to be something that they're not. It would be like if I made a new account called MrKitty and made cat jokes in every comment. - Cazaam

16 Don't look past the "New Lists" tab on the right

This is why if you're lucky enough to have a list stay in that area, the list will become popular. This is because there are a multitude of bad users who don't look any further than that tab. They don't even look at the "Newest" page. - Cazaam

People should at least sift through some of the garbage lists, and look at a few that they like. - Turkeyasylum

17 Obsess excessively over their favorite characters

Does this count toward me? Or is my obsession completely normal? - Merilille

We all know who this user is. He's obsessed with Luigi.

Do I even have to name who I'm talking about here? - xandermartin98

Is this directed at me? - RiverClanRocks

18 Make a list of worst users on TheTopTens

Have to admit, the list wasn't constructive and was a list which was littered with personal attacks. There was little to no thoughtful and constructive discussion taking place there.

Thank God that list got deleted. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 Love Justin Bieber

Oh God, this is one reason why TheTopTens suck, they make EVERYTHING associated to JB bad so does his fans. This is just worthless to do it. - Neonco31

It's the rules. Everyone on TheTopTens should hate Justin Bieber! - NoOreoForU

JustinBieberlover is probably a troll, then. - FennikenFan9

20 Bad TopTenners bully bronies

Thanks! Some if us bronies may be bad but not all of us. Can't they just stop treating us like Low Lives?

They dislike their comments as if they are disliking metal - Neonco31

Bronies Deserve To Be Treated Fairly And Just Like Everyone Else - JPK

Before We Start I Am NOT A Brony Some Good TopTenners Don't Like MLP, But At Least They Respect Opinions
Bad TopTenners Are The Cliched You Must Bully People Who Are Different
Sure Bronies Aren't Perfect But Some Are Good

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