Top Ten Things Bands from Different Genres Would Say In a Concert

I'm making fun of your community. Whatcha' gonna do?

The Top Ten

1 ... This song was brought to you by God, he's our number one recruiter and manager of our band and if he could come here and take the mic from me, he would have told us to rock on hard... Okay, back to the song. (Christian Metal/Rock)
2 We have revolutionized so many core genres in the foods chain like Elephantcore, Microsoftcore, Skittlescore but we're about to step it up a notch... Acousticcore. (Metalcore)

Skittlescore. Is that playing an electric guitar while eating Skittles? - RiverClanRocks

Lol. Skittlescore. I hope the audience gets free skittles! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 We love you, guys. We love you, We love you, We love you, We love you, especially and I also love you as well... And you, and you, and you, and you. We're all giving away our body pillows to you, guys! WE'RE SO HAPPY! (Boybands)

And I love this list

4 Hey you, stop that right now, mister or I'll deliver my dad's routine on my mum on your face. Derek, hold my mic because this is gonna get heavy! (Grunge)
5 Okay guys, when the base drops, I want all of you to jump and punch each other in the faces In a windmill formation like you have extreme A.D.H.D... Put yo' hand up guys... Here it comes... Give us your wallet! (Electronic)
6 I just wanna, like, tell my opinions on, like, nature... and peace. Cuz, like, can't we just, like, come together and like, be cool with each other, like, man, it'll be, like, such a good thing for, like, society n' stuff. (Psychedelic Rock)

Instant karma's gonna get you. - PetSounds

7 You wanna know what it feels like to have sexual intercourse with Satan's wife? You'll find out just after we'll give each and everyone of you a fragment of our past member's ribcages. (Black Metal/Death Metal)

Even though I like the subgenre... I can't help but laugh. So true. - IronSabbathPriest

8 I just wanna disclaimer that if you have uncontrollable weeping powers, then it's best for you to go in the woods and cry alone because this song is about walking through the forest with an acoustic guitar. (Alternative/Folk)
9 I wanna thank everyone who came here to this concert. You made me fell welcome in society because before I formed the band together, I had 72.5 mental disorders and my Dad beat me up because I touched one of his cigarette ashes to blind myself with. (Emo)
10 Our next song is called "I Need You In My Arms Right Now, Urgently Because I Need Medical Attention After I Feel Off a Skate Board Whilst Doing an Ollie". This goes out to people who have broken their legs, doing tricks on skateboards. (Pop Punk)
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