Top Ten Things to Base Your Self Worth On

With hollywood, gender stereotypes, and society, we need to base our self worth on more important things, and care about those.

The Top Ten

1 Personality

Your kindness and compassion is much more important than the size and shape of your ass - ToptenPizza

2 Bravery

This doesn't mean taking a bullet or sky diving, but you know, like defending a kid being bullied. - ToptenPizza

3 Confidence

Your worth is what you think of yourself. Not what other people think. - ToptenPizza

4 Determination

Your not born with a talent. You get good at something you enjoy through practice and hard work. - ToptenPizza

5 Intelligence

Work on your brain, not your face. Buety fades. It's your wits that stick with you. - ToptenPizza

6 How Real You Are

Meaning being yourself, not who your friends wish you were. - ToptenPizza

7 How Much You Stand for What You Believe In

If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything. - ToptenPizza

8 Hard Working

By far the most important attribute in a person. You need to fight for what you want-otherwise, do you really care? Put your self worth on how hard you worked for it, not the rewards. - keycha1n

What shows size is when you work for what you have. - ToptenPizza

9 Dignity
10 Attitude

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11 Integrity
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