Top Ten Best Things to Be the God or Goddess Of


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1 Gems

You'd be the richest and who doesn't wanna be rich? - ToptenPizza

2 Animals

I'd love to be the goddess of animals that would be sweet! - ToptenPizza

3 Nature

Maybe I'd be more of an outdoors person. I love the tranquility of nature. Its beautiful and serene, but also brutally honest. I love it, but I don't like being in it.. M - keycha1n

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4 Fire

Fire is cool it is a weapon and provides warmth so yeah pretty cool - ToptenPizza

5 Wisdom

Just like Athena and who wouldn't wanna be like Athena - ToptenPizza

6 Technology

Yeah, you'd be the one to make the iPhone 6 - ToptenPizza

7 Harvest

Hopefully your daughter wouldn't get kidnapped... - ToptenPizza

8 Victory, Justice, and Equality

You may be a minor god but it would still be cool because you make balance in the world - ToptenPizza

9 Art

I love art it would be great to rule it - ToptenPizza

Sorry guys, already taken. - keycha1n

10 Murder

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11 Time
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