Top Ten Things Biggest Problems With the List "Top Ten Reasons Why Kids React is Dumb"

The Top Ten

1 The List focuses on the kids' personality and not the show itself

Let's list some of the reasons now!

- The Kids are Biased
- The Kids are Annoying
- The Kids are not Smart
- They're usually Wrong
- They like bad things

These reasons attack the kids and not the show itself. - DCfnaf

2 The List is Biased

Saying that a show is bad just because of kids they pick (which are usually different every episode) makes you a biased idiot. - DCfnaf

3 The Reasons are Stupid

- It's Irrelevant
- It's overrated
- The fact that it has a "special YouTube channel"
- It's Boring

Besides the fact we don't have any reasons as to why, they barely relate to the show and it's clear the author ran out of ideas by the ninth and tenth reasons. - DCfnaf

4 There's no Kids React channel

I checked everywhere. Someone let me know if I'm wrong, but I didn't find a separate kids react channel. Besides that, what does this have to do with the show being dumb? - DCfnaf

5 The show is supposed to show kids' opinions and opinions can't be wrong.

Kids aren't as developed as we are. That's the point of the show. To see how kids feel and see what their opinions are. So how can their opinions be wrong? The comment left here even says, "I could provide better (truer! ) opinions than these kids! " Wow. That's just low. It's a kid's opinion! Of course they won't be developed, but you can't have a true or better opinion than these kids because it's an unfair advantage. - DCfnaf

6 If the show is irrelevant, why is it so popular?

Over 6,000,000 people have subscribed to the REACT channel. So it's completely relevant to the majority of the people out there. - DCfnaf

7 Being dumb and being overrated are basically opposites

One of the reasons is that the show is overrated. So Kids React is dumb because it's overrated? It's stupid because it's extremely popular? What does that have to do with the show itself? That is attacking the fans of the show! - DCfnaf

8 It's not okay for kids to like the stuff presented to them on the show, but it's perfectly okay for them to play CoD.
9 Very little to no explanations are given for the reasons

Why is it boring? Why is it overrated? Why is it irrelevant? - DCfnaf

10 It's just plain offensive
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