Top Ten Things That Blow Your Mind

You know that feeling of incredible amazement which makes you stop and wonder?

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1 Music

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche

There's an incredible elation you get when you hear a stunning new album for the first time or go to an energetic concert.

What would life be without funky tunes blasting into your ears?

Unless you want to hear heavy metal.

Music is like showing jow u feel

2 Nature

I am animal lover, and animals are nature. That's why I love nature, nature is lovely! You have to love nature, without it, we wont be alive.
We need trees, grass, brushes, to help us breath.

Yes it does. And living next door to Niagara Falls means that, for me, there is no shortage of mind-blowingness.

Seeing an eagle fly, hearing the ocean roar, feeling the crisp, cool air of autumn...

Nature is amazing, gorgeous, and mysterious. Mother Nature is amazing.

3 Life

Don't think about it, then. Do it!
I, of course, have discovered the answer to the age-old question: "What is the meaning of life? " but if I told you, you'd be as wise as I am, and I can't have that. Knowledge is power! Muhaha...

I am not sure why this isn't #1. Honestly, when my mind wanders into deep thinking territory this is where my brain takes me the most.

I added this item, as I was surprised it was not already here at number 1! What is more amazing and mind-blowing that life?

Definitely no. 1! Without this there is none of the following currently above this

4 Science

Why do I study science? Because science always has something that is blowing the minds of the experts. Every solution to a problem opens up many more questions, many of them being left unanswered for centuries. And the implications of even the simplest principles are endless and fascinating. Don't believe me? Explore the world. Things get really puzzling and inspiring the more you think about the mechanisms of the universe, and other universes far unlike it.

Agreed! I sense the universe and how very astonishing it is well look at me I'm an extraordinary science whiz for Jedi god sake!

Nature and music are both beautiful but are both simply the pretty face to science. Science (Physics actually) should be the total list. Everything in existence is just the face of physics!

That indomitable curiosity to transcend all of our biases for the objective truth, I think that is humanity's greatest quality.

I could get very deep with this comment. That would be potentially paragraphs worth. Instead I shall just quot the timeless Bill Nye and say, "Science rules".

5 Human Stupidity

If not for the support and relative security of advanced civilization, the irretrievably stupid would have gone extinct long ago. Instead, they're flourishing, to the brink of critical mass.

We have the most developed brains and therefore have the greatest capacity for using them (or, rather, not using them) to do very idiotic things.

I once told a man my ethnicity (Swedish ) so I said I had a Nordic background, he replied with "oh, where's Nordia "? Not in a sarcastic voice. It is very sad

All those late night shower thoughts about how stupid humanity is. No wonder I have insomnia.

6 Anime

The plots you can create in a anime is what blows of mind and you cannot definitely develop such in any movie no matter the effects... Best ever

Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan for the win! Oh, and Cowboy Bebop, an anime legend revered among anime fans and non-anime fans everywhere!

I think anime is pretty good but I can't stand the fans they're so annoying and try to act all cool

I want to hug whoever added this to the list, they are amazing.

7 Flight

The fact that you can get a million-ton hunk of metal off of the ground and into the sky amazes me beyond words. There are basically flying bricks in the sky at all times. Again, it's all because of science that I know makes sense but, still, it stuns me. Oh, and... birds are cool too.

Every time I slip the surly bonds of earth, I get chills up and down my spine. It's shocking to think of how isolated you are once you're in flight.

When I jump of something like a short wall, that amazing 3-second sensation is something too amazing for words.

I know, I love going through the TSA lines

8 Success

The satisfaction of accomplishing something amazing is one of the greatest feelings you'll ever experience.

9 Movies

Not going to comment on this one. Not going to comment on this one. Not going to... oh, crap! I am typing out loud again.

10 Space

Why is is not higher! Space is just... endless, and kinda creepy. Also the ocean is pretty cool as well.

The Newcomers

? God

The Contenders

11 Literature

Come on! Why is Literature at number 4 it should be at number1. Why you may ask well I will tell you. It should be at number 1 because there is not one answer there are thousands and you can be really be creative with it, I know some of it is hard like spelling but most of it is creative and easy. Even if you are 4 or 400 there is a part of literature made for you, well not just for you but for your brain tip. I think everyone should love literature or as some people say literisy, but everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. By!

It can take you places you've never been before. Hogwarts is my home, I belong to Camp Half-Blood, I was chosen for the hunger gamer because I'm Divergent, and then accidently stumbled upon Narnia.

Finishing a great book is like burying a friend. You need to take a few minutes of silence just to be amazed.

I feel fulfilled after finishing a great book.

12 Art

Art or science? Gah! I'm defined by being an artist, so of course I choose art, but seriously, man, both of these things effectively include... Everything. There is a science in art and an art within science and everything has elements of science and art. In essence, Humanity is just a bunch of creative brains with double-edged curiosity.

Why number 9? I love art! Kids in my class say I am a better drawer then them. True. I am great at drawing, espically animals! Wolves, my favourite animal, I can't draw it exactly, but I does look alike.

The cover ART for Metallica's load is called "Semen and blood"

Some pieces require you to simply look and wonder.

13 Love

Yes it is true that it gives that type of pleasure which couldn't b measure

One of the greatest things in life

Love is mysterious. Some people are born loving there own gender others are the opposite. It’s a big mystery

I would put it higher than #11.

14 Friendship

There are times when I stop and think, "How the hell did this happen? " People are strange.

15 Jealousy
16 Travel

Finally experiencing a place you've been observing on a map for years is mind-blowing. My first taste of Europe--Prague, Czech Republic--is something I'll treasure forever.

17 Animals

Animals are amazing creatures and they are so adorable and I think everyone should love them!

Animals are so cool! It blows my mind on how smart they can be, they deserve much better treatment

VOTE #1! P.s. Why animals 19? Animals are my life! I am an animal lover. With lot of soft toys of them. :D
If you are a animal lover, play TODAY!
My username on Animaljam: wolf74300

18 Broadcasting Rooms

I just wonder how a T.V. channel broadcasting computer manages the files! - Ededdneddyfan55

19 Money

Not really, we made it up

20 Manga

Some anime could get meh with fillers or unnecessary changes to the plot but manga will always remain superior because the mangaka usually does the best thing.

We already have anime

21 Sports

Just addicting

22 Dark Matter
23 Pregnancy

The pregnant man blew my mind.

24 Black Holes

This should be higher! G Th war things blow my mind and are very scary! What happens on the other side... what even are they?

25 Time

Time blows my mind. Why isn’t it higher?

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