Top Ten Things That Boil Your Blood

These are all the things that makes me wanna punch a hole in the wall. So lets get started

The Top Ten

1 School

School sucks! Its stressing, frustrating, and evil. It takes away everything you enjoy at home and replace it with stupid, bad stuff that school has. IT takes foreevr for school to end.

2 Good Shows Being Cancelled

Why would you cancel Things that everybody likes? Just because you wanna make more for bad and unfunny cartoons? And every time they do. It turns out to be RETARDED! Bring back dexters lab and the whole loony tunes series and spin offs. Don't put out teen sitcoms and bad cartoons.

3 Little Kids At Stores

They beg, lay on the floor, crying, screaming, and kicking in front of eevryone until they get what they want. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT! Parents just get your kids what they want or BEAT IT!

4 The Final Episode of Victorious

I may hate this show but they cancelled it right away withut showing the real ending. I belive this final episode is about Teens who have to say yes to everything. SERIOUSLY? If you look back at good things being cancelled. Well Being cancelled without a ending is worser than it.

5 Shoe Laces

I can't tie my shoes, THe Laces always come loose, And I just hate them.

This should be number 1 and it boils my blood after MILISECONDS of trying to lásce shoelaces. Who invented shoelaces was a nobrainer or he or she was a mentally disabled person. - MinecraftHater

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6 Smoking

These people are complet e idiots because smoking is bad but they say its GOOD! NO ITS NOT! It causes cancer, It kills you, And it cause you life to be miserable. Why do they even exist? They kill you.

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7 School Bathrooms

The bathrooms are always dirty, There's poop and pee everywhere, And you can't get some privacy. And you can't even poop ethier! I'm SERIOUS! Every time I poop. Black kids will say that I'm pooping and then laugh. EVERYONE POOPS! And I belive you have the same pain as I did too.

8 Lalaloospy Dolls

Those things are the most ugliest Dolls ever. There just rag dolls, RAG DOLLS! And they got there own show on nick jr. LALALOOSPY THE WORST DOLLS EVER GOT A SHOW ON THE MOST CRAPPIEST KIDS CHANNEL EVER! I wanted to kill who ever thought that it was a good idea.

9 Rain

Sure its what keep us alive but there also annoying. They ruin your day, Its wet outside, It creates mud, It makes you computer and T.V. stop, And IT NEVER STOPS! That also includes Storms! So much rain, And thunder. FREAK YOU RAIN!

10 Flys

The most annoying insects ever. They fly, Buzz into your ear, FLy around your head, Get into your food and drinks, And there impossible to kill. I HATE YOU GUYS! Well that's it. I hope you like this list. And tell me what makes you blood boil too. Well bye.

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11 The Final Season of Dexter
12 Biased Referees
13 Political Correctness
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