Top Ten Things Bookworms Are Tired of Hearing

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1 Why read the book when you can watch the movie?

The book always has more detail and is more a accurate representation of the author's own work, that's why.

Because books have more detail.

Movies are often worse.

I don't know, why breath air if you are going to die anyway? Why continue advancing when in millions of years the sun will burn out the earth? Why go to school when you will always be an idiot anyway?

2 Who likes reading?

Who likes reading? You don't!

Who likes you? No one.

And I ignore again!

3 Ew books are stupid!

At least I'm more intelligent than you. Me:What are the first 3 digits of pi? Them: Uh...

Someone who reads books is smarter than someone who doesn't.

Better than games

Books are my fave u numb skulls

4 OMG, Minecraft, Let's play Minecraft. Ew, books. Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft!

I like both Minecraft and books. by the way, Minecraft is the baddest and most overrated game ever? Tell that to Epic Games. They made a game with a trend even more annoying than Minecraft's (I'm not annoyed by Minecraft's trend), and I shouldn't even tell you its name.

I am a mine craft builder, I am not a bookworm, but this is probably the most annoying thing by far. Also with other games and franchises.

Minecraft is the most overrated baddest game ever. You place blocks for $20. That is a horrible waste of money.

Bruh, no. I'm not going to judge Minecraft since I don't play it, but I'm just going to say it's overrated.

5 I watched the movies to those books, does that make me a fan?

This is really annoying, expecially with LotR.

No it makes you a lazy dumbass, who needs to start growing a brain. I hate so called fans who didn't read the books. The movies wouldn't exist without the books, and the books are always better.

6 Reading is stupid

At least I have a better chance of getting into college while you are cursing and not caring about your grades. And you wanna be a teacher? Forget it bitch.

Nope. You're stupid. You think being dumb and dressing like you're getting ready for porn makes you cool and us so called nerds who do our homework lame.

7 Ugh, I bet the movies are better

Nope. The movies suck compared to them. They suck almost as much as you.

Almost every movie made based on a book isn't accurate at all.

The movies are good if you haven't read the books

8 Books are for nerds

Well this nerd is going to be the next Bill Gates! I would like to order a burger from you when you are working in Mc Donald's and throw it on the ground!

Thank you, I am a nerd I am planning to be a doctor and be as successful as another fellow nerd, Bill Gates.

Nerd's actually a compliment because nerds are smart.

Thanks! :D I'm planning to be a teacher and actually be successful and HAVE a life.

9 Bookworms are losers

Your a looser. People who don't like books are either picking out crappy ones, or just idiots who don't have a life or brain and live in their mothers basement, just like they will be at 50, and watch stupid shows doing nothing and achieving nothing and are a useless member of society.

ToptenPizza Real losers are bookworms

10 Did you bring your homework?
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11 Oh my God, that book is huge! How are you going to finish that?
12 I didn't read the books, the movies were good though.
13 What is the point of reading? It's so boring and pointless!
14 Sports are better
15 Oh yeah, I watched the movie!
16 Why are you getting a new book? You already have plenty
17 Why won't you do a social activity with me?
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