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1 Girls

Guys of top are really cheap. See, I'm a guy and detest porn and anybody watching it. I hate people talking about sex in public. It is annoying. It doesn't make you cool OK. I am not backward, I'm of this generation too but I don't understand the mentality of my own classmates. Why do consider these cheap, very cheap things to be cool and blah blah. Please, stop it already.. There are more beautiful aspects in the world than these good for nothing stuffs.

I may not be capable of loving a girl but let us face it. Some things can't be resisted. And my English teacher said all boys are maniacs when it comes to this. What a maroon! - aeromaxx777

All the 1-10 except cheese. Is this poll about BOYS or CHILDREN?

I think that is sweet.

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2 Music

I'm a girl, but I'm also a tomboy, I love music to bits also I love cars and sports and guns and video games, but not girls and sex.

Most beautiful thing in the world right now!

Sorry, everyone... I don't really like girls, because they're too sexy and I hate that! But I love music. It gives me spirit! - 09ShamsulBahriel

Hello my pepole that are crazy I might get my brother some music for cristmas..

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3 Sports

Guys LOVE football. If you asked a 100 guys if they liked football 95 out of 100 would say yes, they love football. Every Sunday somebody is ALWAYS talking about football. Get my point? Football is always drilled into boys minds.

Hi I'm a girl and I love watching football! It's so much fun. And I'm not even a tomboy!

I love basketball I can't play football unless it's just really throwing then I can I can throw pretty far

I am a tomboy and I love football it is the best thing ever I will never ever stop likeing it. Fottball is so fun! Go Broncos!

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4 Video Games

I like Halo, Assassin's Creed and Destiny. I also liked Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 back on the wii. Wish they made more Mario games like those because they were awesome. The Legend Of Zelda is probably my favorite though because 1. Nostalgia because Twilight Princess was my first Wii game and 2. It is awesome.

The Wii took it from # 4 to # 3

I'm a girl, and I'm a Tomboy, and I love video games, and sport!

Sports awesome video games awesome as well as sports like football in real life is funnier than video game football but I agree

I'm a boy and I absolutely despise video games!

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5 Sex

Kids in general don't stop talking about sex, go to my school and they act like there a 20 year old or something. Your 12, your not a adult, it makes me laugh but its really annoying too. - PotBellyPup

Haha this should of been number one laugh out loud
- InsanityTisBehFun

the thing that always in the mind of boys and some girls - ronluna


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6 Other Boys

Some boys like other boys

Um no just

My Friends, Yes - BeatlesFan1964

Mmmm...well, depends... Like boys like other boys as friends...but depends what way you mean it

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7 Cars

yes, even the ons that can't drive.not being sexus at all.

It's sexist... And boys can drive better than girls, look it up - Flyingcobra

Look man, I know what you're talking about, and I'm not biased about American manufacturers, and yes, I CAN change a tire. Heck, even your engine, you name it. My dad's a car mechanic and I was taught.

Approximitly 84% of all drink driving CRASHES were MALE. 2012-2014 (New Zealand)... So HA!

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8 Money

This Should Be The 1St.
Because No Money No Girl
No Money No Games
No Money No Cheese
No Money No Sex

Got it? - StylesX

Money is definitely the one to vote for. These guys at school are totally in the money. I am a girl and a tomboy. I think I should know.

This should be one of the first, no money, no nothing'

You shouldn't like money, you should cherish it before you spend it terribly.
Don't use it on ho's. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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9 Dogs Dogs Domesticated house hold pets that have evolved from wolves . They are sometimes bred with other species of wolves or dogs to create desirable purebreds or a new species of dogs.

I cried when my Labrador died. And I'm a man; ironic? Not really. - aeromaxx777

i guess mans best freind is true

Very true.
My best friends brother will do anything for his dog, Rooney, who's a boxer.


I love dogs and so does mu bro

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10 Cheese

I'm a dude and I love cheese man, its one of the greatest things in the world. Along with cheese steak

Chez fo' the win!

Chez is my bible. I eat chez like I eat tacos. I like tacos lots. Tacos consist of a mixture of meat, salsa, lettuce, tomato, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Cheese. Why cheese. It's so random. Cheese is food. Food shouldn't be on here. We need it to survive. Please take it off.

It only increases your stomach size

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11 Cats

I am a super fan of cats I love them so cute to cute hey eneyon seen to cute if you have put it in the coments beside this

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12 Movies

Particularly The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Batman Movies, and Quentin Tarentino Movies - BeatlesFan1964

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13 Food

Me And Your Boyfriend Should Be Best Friends - BeatlesFan1964

My brother likes pickles and so do I but I'm a girly girl

My cousin is nicknamed "the conveyer belt" he loves food

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14 Friends

Friends is the most important thing for a man no matter if it is a dog

The most important thing in life for me a getaway from home

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15 Porn

Nobody should watch porn. It's very inappropriate

Every body did once right I'm 13 and I still masturbate

You mean boys with no lives right? - RiverClanRocks

That won't shut up taking about porn.

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16 Television V 1 Comment
17 WWE

Um... Yeah every wwe boy fan loves Wrestlings Girls friends yeah like I had a couple they were way better than Non-wrestling fan girl friends - SmoothCriminal

Hell yeah wo that;s how you play the game all the other one's can rest in peace cause this choice is a show stopper

YEAH man over 600,000 wwe universe people on the website - SmoothCriminal

The John Cena prank call took things to another level.

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18 Boobs

The thing is boys shouldn't only like girls because there boobs they should like them for who they are not what there boobs look like am I right ladies

Hell yeah I love boobs man

Big bouncy boobs bouncing around all over the place.

I know right.

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19 Electronics

what can i say, cell phones are a need

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20 Fun V 4 Comments
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