Top Ten Things to Bring on Naked and Afraid

If you ever become a contestant on Naked and Afraid, consider bringing one of these items.

The Top Ten

1 Machete

For chopping plants and cutting wood. - ChuckLaunching

2 Fire Starter

For starting fires. - ChuckLaunching

3 Bug Net

For blocking off bugs like mosquitoes. - ChuckLaunching

4 Pot With Lid

For boiling water in it. This kills the bacteria and makes it safe to drink. - ChuckLaunching

5 Water Purifier

For easily purifying lake/river water. - ChuckLaunching

6 Hatchet / Axe

For cutting wood easily. - ChuckLaunching

7 Fishing Rod

For catching fish to eat. - ChuckLaunching

8 Bow and Arrow

For hunting. - ChuckLaunching

9 Compass

For knowing which direction you are going. - ChuckLaunching

10 Multi-Tool

Has multiple purposes. - ChuckLaunching

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