Top Ten Things that Britgirl Does Which Annoy Other TopTenners

You may like to add...All I can say is in true British fashion...I'm most terribly sorry :|
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She has a childish streak

It's one of many things we treasure you for. Don't lose this trait!

Well...yes I do! Just shows you how much of an adult I am, doesn't it?

None of these things bother me.

Nothing about her annoys me.

She keeps changing her profile picture

The only problem with this is that I can't identify quickly your new lists and comments. But this isn't very important.

I'm indecisive! I'm sorry! I think the pic you see now though, I will keep. Maybe...

Nah... I like that thing about you

That's what I do to I love changing it and I'm sure a lot of other topteners do that to so you are saying that everyone who does that is annoying but how is that annoying? /:(

She never swears

I just don't see the point. It's my belief that those who swear incessantly have a limited vocabulary and imagination.

Eh, it's pretty limited by the rules of the site anyway. What a load of crap.

I don't swear either. I only do it in my head.

So? Whats wrong with that?

She lied about her age

I know you do that but may be that time situation is different but you are so brave to tell the truth, God bless you

Probably the most important aspect of this needs to be stated - the deceit was continued for about 2 years.

I gotta admit it got me curious enough.

I wonder how Keyson reacted to find out your REAL age

She laughs too much

Is it suddenly a crime to laugh if you feel the need? It's a lot better the the alternative.

What? I do love this! Actually none of the things she listed ever annoyed me.

I don't laugh easily, but it's a lot more than appears in my comments.

She's on TheTopTens everyday

This even annoys me! I'm addicted. I wish I wasn't but there we are.I've had a lot of fun on this site so why tamper with a winning system? Would you?

Haha, she's not the only one...

That's a bad thing?

She makes stupid comments

We all make stupid comments from time to time. A lot of people here think some of the things I've said are stupid, and they're probably right.

I do on some lists. It's called having a sense of humour. Albeit a British one but a sense of humour all the same.

She had bad taste in music

No, you don't! I'd call it a more eclectic taste, which is something few people have, and it's what separates us from those who follow the charts.

No, I just have a different taste from the usual music genres on this site.

She has an obsession with the word "fart"

So what? The list that made me laugh the most was her "Top Ten Alternative Song Titles That Replace the Word "Heart" With "Fart".

Not the actual fart. That's actually a real turn-off. I just find the word "fart" so funny! It IS a really funny word!

Huh? You are really obsessed with the word "fart"? I've heard about this, but it's really true?

She's proud to be British

Don't worry, I actually like it when people show pride in the country they were born in. I just hate those damn retarded visitors who are always hating on America.

Yes I am! And I will never apologise for that. I love England. I love being British. :P

Since when was it a bad thing to be proud of your country?

And I'm proud to be Spanish

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She's so self-absorbed she makes Top Ten lists about herself.
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