Top Ten Things That Bronies Shouldn't Do

Sorry, but so much of the fan base is full of the most creepy, perverted, and insane of people that I'm surprised they haven't ended up in a mental institution yet! Also, need I remind you that you guys obsess over a little girls show? You do enough strange things to make an entire top ten list of stuff that Bronies shouldn't do, like, I don't know, existing! And if you are a brony, I'm so sorry if this offends you, but please, it's the Internet, though a lot of you guys at TheTopTens get offended easily anyways, so it'll be kind of hard to take your whiny hissy fits of platitude seriously. Remember JUSTINBIEBERLOVER? Afterall, it's just a list at the end of the day; not like it's ISIS or 9/11 or anything. Cheers!

The Top Ten

1 Forcing The Show Onto Others

EVERYTHING has a pony parody of it. Every meme or thing you see ALWAYS has to have a pony version. For example a youtube clip called "Dog of Wisdom" is good. But someone made a cringy version called "Pony of Wisdom" with RD.

STOP forcing ponies into non-pony related things. - Lunala

Ponies, ponies, ponies everywhere! A lot of them treat their fandom like a religion, or should I say, a cult. This is also where some of their hypocrisy shines through as they preach “love and tolerance,” and yet, they grow enraged when someone gives a negative opinion of the show even if the non-brony conveys that said opinion in an inoffensive manner. Kinda reminds you of Fundamentalist a bit, doesn't it? Thankfully though, it seems as if it's finally dying down a bit, even if it is ever so slow.

2 Clopping

This is the part of the fanbase I hate. - RiverClanRocks

They actually make pron out of fillies/colts (children). That means some but not all bronies are messed up creeps. - Lunala

Yep, that should be the only reason. I don't think cloppers are considered real bronies either. - Pegasister12

Seriously an unhealthy fetish. Seek help! We cannot have beastiality. Same goes for the furries.

3 Dressing Up As Ponies

Inoffensive, but creepy. Same goes for Furries.

Cosplay is on here.

Oh? so people can cosplay as anime characters and black cats but not ponies. alright. cool

4 Watching a Little Girl's Show in the First Place!

Things made for girls is usually hated.

It's really not intended for you're age; it's the same as a grown man liking Thomas the Tank Engine. I guess I wouldn't have much of a problem with this if I wasn't constantly having the show shoved down on my face.

20th century
Boy: My Little Pony skinny and bony
Man: I like My Little Pony
Man 2: Um what?
Man: You know ponies.
Man 2: But that's for..for little girls.
Man: So? I like it
Man 2: *Starts laughing at him*

5 Creepy Fan Fictions and Fan Art

They make porn out of fillies/colts which are CHILDREN. SO Messed up. - Lunala

6 Whining About Changes

It was announced that by the end of season 3, one of the ponies, Twilight Sparkle, would become an "Alicorn." For some reason, many were outraged by this change. Wether it was permanent or temporary remained completely irrelevant; it was a crime against humanity and they vowed to not watch the show again. Thankfully, other people of the fanbase kept levelheaded.

There are people who think Twillight hates having wings. 1. if she hated having wings she would have gotten rid of the wings.
2. She is canon alicorn, stop this "umg she's a unicorn not an alicorn! " Stuff. - Lunala

7 Overreacting

This YouTuber named TheMysteriousMrEnter did a review of an episode called "Putting Your Hoof a Down." He hated the episode, and apparently he despised it so much that it made him DEPRESSED for two days. Yes, he admitted that in the review.

Frankly I didn't think "Putting Your Hoof Down" was that bad, I was shocked at first but then realized Fluttershy's reaction was understandable, she was being treated like crap and was so stressed/angry she snapped and said stuff she didn't mean to say, we all act like that sometimes.

But yeah, 2 days? Mr. Enter needs to grow up (he's not that good of a reviewer either). I don't know if he was really depressed or not, from what I heard, people from depression don't talk about it online, they just become withdrawn from others and close themselves up.

8 Praising The Show Too Much

You can like something, but don't have a fetish over it.

9 Bully Non-Bronies

If you are a non-Brony you are labelled as a bully.

Demanding respect from us when you don’t give it back. Nice logic. - 3DG20

10 Making List On How Great They Are

The Contenders

11 Produce and Defend Foalcon

Because that's pedophilia and could count as child porn. - SailorSedna

12 Invading Deviant art with MLP

There are so many wonderful artists out there, then there are bronys who post pony pictures beyond limit.

13 Watch Pony Porn
14 Drawing Disturbing Pictures of Ponies
15 Hating On Good Characters
16 Liking Baby Shows
17 Hating past generations.

If it wasn't for past generations like G1 (which I'm finding better than G4 nowadays in spots) FiM wouldn't exist. - SailorSedna

18 Cosplay
19 Using Pendulum songs for their clopping videos
20 Defend Bronies That are Pedophiles
21 Be Delusional

There's a cross-eyed pony in the show who appears as a background character and is usually depicted delivering the mail. One brony I know LOVES her, to the point where he wants to have a conversation and a baby with her. THAT'S JUST GROSS!

22 Claim it's not girly
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