Top 10 Things Brony Haters Shouldn't Do

Bronies have been major targets of attacks. They may have done a lot of stupid BUT as for you haters, you are also doing just as bad as they are. Here are things the brony haters shouldn't do.

The Top Ten

1 Force other people to hate the show

Those people will just be annoyed by your pointless talk. - Neonco31

2 Mention Rainbow Dash on a list which includes Buttercup but has nothing to do with her

Even on that "Best MLP:FiM characters"' someone still mentioned Buttercup even though she's not a pony. - Neonco31

3 Be happy over a brony/pegasister's death

Wishing death is a cruel thing. How can someone be possibly happy about it? - AnimeDrawer

Points to Disney1994 and GCM193's statement. Wishing that person's death as a blessing will only cause an even bigger ragestorm - Neonco31

4 Hate someone just because they like the show

I only said "I like this this show." and you said to me "You are Hitler! ". And calling someone heartless because you claim they sold their soul to Faust for a minute of a show is just making yourself a bad person - Neonco31

I honestly do not like MLP, but I do not hate on people who like it. - AnimeDrawer

5 Kill a brony

Similar to the other item I mentioned. - Neonco31

6 Start pointless rants or arguments over a TV Show
7 Include a TV show on the list "Top 10 Most Terrible Events in History"

That will just make other people annoyed - Neonco31

They should put real bad events like 9/11, not a show. - AnimeDrawer

Unfortunately though, someone did!

8 Make stupid comparison lists such as "Why Hitler is better than Fluttershy"

You don't want people to get angry at that list - Neonco31

9 Obsess with hating on bronies V 1 Comment
10 Kill themselves just because they are reading this list right now

The Contenders

11 Overcriticize the show V 1 Comment
12 Continuously compare Buttercup to Rainbow Dash

I know Buttercup is better than RD but the obsesssion is kinda old old. I know AnimeDrawer learned to control it now. - Neonco31

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