Top 10 Things Brony Haters Shouldn't Do

Bronies have been major targets of attacks. They may have done a lot of stupid BUT as for you haters, you are also doing just as bad as they are. Here are things the brony haters shouldn't do.

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1 Force other people to hate the show

Those people will just be annoyed by your pointless talk. - Neonco31

2 Mention Rainbow Dash on a list which includes Buttercup but has nothing to do with her

Even on that "Best MLP:FiM characters"' someone still mentioned Buttercup even though she's not a pony. - Neonco31

3 Be happy over a brony/pegasister's death

Wishing death is a cruel thing. How can someone be possibly happy about it?

Points to Disney1994 and GCM193's statement. Wishing that person's death as a blessing will only cause an even bigger ragestorm - Neonco31

4 Hate someone just because they like the show

I only said "I like this this show." and you said to me "You are Hitler! ". And calling someone heartless because you claim they sold their soul to Faust for a minute of a show is just making yourself a bad person - Neonco31

I honestly do not like MLP, but I do not hate on people who like it.

5 Kill a brony

Similar to the other item I mentioned. - Neonco31

6 Start pointless rants or arguments over a TV Show
7 Include a TV show on the list "Top 10 Most Terrible Events in History"

That will just make other people annoyed - Neonco31

They should put real bad events like 9/11, not a show.

Unfortunately though, someone did!

8 Make stupid comparison lists such as "Why Hitler is better than Fluttershy"

You don't want people to get angry at that list - Neonco31

9 Obsess with hating on bronies

That's an unhealthy obsession - Neonco31

10 Kill themselves just because they are reading this list right now

The Contenders

11 Overcriticize the show

Everyone on TTT keeps doing this.

12 Continuously compare Buttercup to Rainbow Dash

I know Buttercup is better than RD but the obsesssion is kinda old old. I know AnimeDrawer learned to control it now. - Neonco31

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1. Force other people to hate the show
2. Mention Rainbow Dash on a list which includes Buttercup but has nothing to do with her
3. Be happy over a brony/pegasister's death


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