Top Ten Things to Build a Minecraft House Out Of


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1 Wooden Planks

Really bad because if you have a fire it will burn down!

Love to use this block and it is easy to obtain
It also goes really well with most blocks

I love to build my houses out of wooden planks when I am in survival

Sooo easy to make just need wood no crafting tables needed.

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2 Obsidian

While obsidian is the one of the strongest materials and looks really good, it takes forever to mine enough, even for a 4 by 4

Well obsidian is nice how about glow stone is it okay

Obsidian is strong against TNT so I would built my house out of obsidian

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3 Cobblestone

It looks good with certain themes I like it

Cobblestone is durable and easy to obtain. Obsidian is too hard to mine and wood is too easy to be destroyed by griefers. I recommend 3 block layers, so creepers can't get you.

Looks really cool, like a medieval fortress. It can be found just about anywhere and the furnace looks like part of the building!

My house has cobblestone walls and a cobblestone roof. I really like cobblestone and would (literally) trust it with my life - rushing into the house just before a creeper detonates if need be.

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4 Giant Mushroom

I love making my house in creative mode with mushrooms especially the red mushrooms because they stand out and look unique.

Fun and looks coolio! - HollyRolo

You can actually make a house by taking a red dotted mushroom and using bone meal on it to make a giant mushroom thing. add platforms until the inside is completely dark and covered, then make a 2-block vertical space for your door, then add torches.

Hands down, most under rated building material.

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5 Quartz

A very helpful tip about the nut helped me out A LOT!

It is very white and useful

Such an underrated matrial, plus it is white so my nut will be camoflauged and I wont have to clean up

Quarts is a wonderful block I use for EVERYTHING! All though hard to obtain in survival it does the trick in creative. I highly recommend this block!

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6 Leaves

...leaves? What a great idea... not. - Hermione_Granger220

Just build your house in a tree. No mobs can get to you, free wood, nice view. Works especially well in Roofed Forest.

You can see like a boss!


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7 Netherrack

Good if you want a fireplace, an touch or A HOUSE FROM HELL! Any of these things.

Keep dem fires a burnin - HollyRolo


A herobrinic(the satanic for Minecraft) house to show herobrine that You don't hate him - Nateawesomeness

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8 Stone

At least it gives a plain grey colour for industrial builds. - MChkflaguard_Yt

It reminds me of the good times in caves, lugging back diamonds and redstone. On the flip side, it is dark and intimidating for any player to set foot near it.

It is cool because it is smooth and really awesome cause it wont set on fire. Only one problem, It gets blown up if you use tnt.

Annoying to smelt but looks fairly good. - HollyRolo

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9 Bedrock

I love to use bedrock but one problem... I always get locked in side

And I can't get out. HELP!

Haha! Take that you creepers! You'll never get me!

If you do it in creative, than switch to survival, NO TNT OR CREEPERS WILL GET YOU!

If Only You Can Get Bedrock In Minecraft, But You Would Have To Make A Emerald Pickaxe To Mine it. But Emerald Tools And Armor Aren't In Minecraft So, MOJANG MAKE EMERALD TOOLS AND ARMOR!

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10 Diamond

I chose a diamond house because I really think that it would be a good idea for a house. I’m not sure if my house is going to explode so technically I’m 50 50 with the diamond house.

The best way to show why you are a boss...

It's actually bad because if it gets destroyed then you will have to get diamond blocks again. I would rather use wooden planks, cobblestone, or dirt.

Best block to use because all the others will know to stay away from you!

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11 Chests

Awesome. make a house to store stuff

Be the boss, think like a pro

Hoarders' dream - Kaboom

Only one problem,you can't put chests on top of chests - Nateawesomeness

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12 Bricks

Yep - Pokemonfan10

Come On Brick Don't Really Get A Use In Minecraft So I Would Use As A Building Material For A House

They used them for brick pyramids but then those pyramids were removed

I have a city in multiplayer out of bricks

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13 Fences

I don't know why bit it's a great survival alternative to iron bars

I did that before. Spiders can get over it.

Lots of peep holes I guess? - HollyRolo

14 Stone Bricks

Stone Bricks have the best textures in all of Minecraft. It blends in with smooth stone perfectly, it has a bunch of variants, and it just have an overall coziness to them.

I have always built stuctures with stone bricks

I always like building houses out of stone bricks. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Good for building cool castles

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15 Snow

Umm... then what about torches? - Hermione_Granger220

It looks futuristic and awesome

You can't place torches in a snow house.

Modern and Edgy just don't put it near lava

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16 Bookshelves

This is for the teachers

Perfect house for a booknerd like me!

It won't be a house thoughO_O,it will be a library - Nateawesomeness

17 Dirt

Easy to get. Kinda speaks for itself

But then endermen can destroy it. - Hermione_Granger220

Using rare materials and wood would be wasting. Dirt is perfect: you seem humble, it is plentiful, meaning you can easily rebuild, it is immune to lava, etc.

You can put the dirt house with some farm stuff on top of it its awesome

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18 Butter (Gold)

lol - Pokemonfan10

If butter is gold then can I eat gold?
Ok seriously Skydoesminecraft fans please stop saying butter, its annoying.
Not being a hater, also at least one person can agree. - lolingdog9000

Its not butter, it's Gold!

I knew butter would show up sooner or later- but I wasn't expecting this early!

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19 Jack-O-Lanterns

No. Who came up with this?

Very lit up and Halloweeny - HollyRolo


20 White Stained Clay

Perfect color

Italian Villa I can imagine it

It looks exactly like paint indoors - Harri666

Now White Terracotta for me cause my minecraft updated

21 Melon

Melons are dope

22 Doors

No house without stones

Without doors some Mobs can easily step into your house.

23 Cheese

Except that cheese isn't in Minecraft.

No I do not have your hat but I do have cheese!

They mean sponge

Its Sponge Not Cheese - ChipTheGamer

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24 Nether Brick

Its good it will make you look like a nether boss.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the Nether is easy to access, you only need flint,iron,water,and lava. Once you reach the Nether, netherrack is plentiful and easy to smelt.

25 SSundee

Voted because all the other choices sucks

So I build a SSundee statue and turn the inside to my house - MChkflaguard_Yt

I'm not sure how this is possible... but works for me! :D
Thanks to whoever put this here :/

26 Dragon Eggs

These are so powerful!

Dragon eggs are
the man!

27 TNT

yes - Pokemonfan10

If you touch your tnt house it will blow up!

People can blow you up

I don't really recommend this block because some greifers might use flint and steel on this block.

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28 Ice

So see through and awesome but it's weak and you crash into the walls...

THE BEST with Quartz

Maybe packed ice... but you can’t put torches with normal ice. - Hermione_Granger220

29 Sandstone

Looks really nice together.

Sandstone is the best~

30 Glass

I built an underwater house of glass on one of my worlds. It was so cool! - Hermione_Granger220

Looks so good in water


31 Heads

Heads will roll...

Come on its cool

32 Sponge


Sponges r lit

33 Haybales

It would work at least its protection

34 Gold/butter

It's already on the list, to whoever added this. - Minecraftcrazy530

See my comment on the diamond I'm too lazy to write it again

35 Iron

So light plus you can duplicate when you run out

36 Wool

I always use this. I will use either light blue or red. Either will do, but now I use light blue. The ceiling is sea lanterns, the roof is quartz slab, the floors are birch planks, and the doors are dark oak doors - Goatworlds

Not every strong but you can make patterns with it

I say yea because you can be protected

Rain and water goes through but great for multi colour and childrens homes.

37 Soulsand

Beware of withers!

38 Glowstone

No need for torches

39 Crafting Tables

Crafting wherever you are.

40 Cake

Cake is a beast

Come on you all like cake and defintly stampy

I love me some cake! ^___^

41 Iron bars

Aw yeah. That is all.

YEYUH... only spiders can get in through the roof :(

42 Iron Ore
43 Wood

Very useful if you are out of wood. Oh come on! Its used for like, everything!

44 Clay

Looks Pretty Cool, guys. Hardened clay is better, though.

45 Block of Gold

This is already on the list

46 Cobweb

My favorite parts about these houses are when you can't escape from them. - Extractinator04

47 Purpur

Purpur is the single most greatest block and all who say otherwise can kill themselves

48 Emerald

Shows how skillful are you in villager trading or mining

See my comment on the diamond I'm still too lazy

Emerald Blocks Are SOOO COOOl - ChipTheGamer

The green colour and patterns irritates my eyes - MChkflaguard_Yt

49 Anvils

Aren't anvils TNT resistant?

50 Cauldrons

When it rains, you will have a lot of water to use for potion brewing.

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