Top Ten Things to Build a Minecraft House Out Of


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21 Nether Brick

Its good it will make you look like a nether boss.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the Nether is easy to access, you only need flint,iron,water,and lava. Once you reach the Nether, netherrack is plentiful and easy to smelt.

22 Doors

Without doors some Mobs can easily step into your house.

No house without stones

23 TNT

If you touch your tnt house it will blow up!

I don't really recommend this block because some greifers might use flint and steel on this block.

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24 White Stained Clay

Italian Villa I can imagine it

It looks exactly like paint indoors - Harri666

Now White Terracotta for me cause my minecraft updated

25 Glass

Looks so good in water

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26 Ice

So see through and awesome but it's weak and you crash into the walls...

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27 Gold/butter

See my comment on the diamond I'm too lazy to write it again

It's already on the list, to whoever added this. - Minecraftcrazy530

28 Sandstone V 2 Comments
29 Soulsand V 1 Comment
30 SSundee

So I build a SSundee statue and turn the inside to my house - MChkflaguard_Yt

I'm not sure how this is possible... but works for me! :D
Thanks to whoever put this here :/

31 Crafting Tables

Crafting wherever you are.

32 Cake V 3 Comments
33 Wood

Very useful if you are out of wood. Oh come on! Its used for like, everything!

34 Clay

Looks Pretty Cool, guys. Hardened clay is better, though.

35 Dragon Eggs V 2 Comments
36 Melon
37 Block of Gold V 1 Comment
38 Emerald

Shows how skillful are you in villager trading or mining

See my comment on the diamond I'm still too lazy

Emerald Blocks Are SOOO COOOl - ChipTheGamer

The green colour and patterns irritates my eyes - MChkflaguard_Yt

39 Haybales

It would work at least its protection

40 Anvils V 1 Comment
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