Top Ten Things to Build a Minecraft House Out Of


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41 Iron

So light plus you can duplicate when you run out

42 Wool

I always use this. I will use either light blue or red. Either will do, but now I use light blue. The ceiling is sea lanterns, the roof is quartz slab, the floors are birch planks, and the doors are dark oak doors - Goatworlds

Not every strong but you can make patterns with it

I say yea because you can be protected

43 Glowstone V 1 Comment
44 Ore
45 Heads V 1 Comment
46 Crafting Tables
47 Iron bars

Aw yeah. That is all.

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48 Iron Ore
49 Spawner
50 Sponge
51 Mossy Stone Bricks
52 Stone Brick Monster Egg
53 Animals

You can use a cheat code and stack animals up then put them in fences at the bottom. Lol

54 Gold

Looks nice and is strong

Gets to have anything on it

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55 End Stone

It's because the only way to get end stone is to get to the End, and people will know you must have pretty strong armor to survive that.

56 Air

You don't have a house if you build it with air.

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57 Sea Lantern
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