Best Things to Build With LEGOs

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1 Cool House

I remember building a house out of lego as a kid - trains45

2 Sports Car

I think I build a car once as a kid - trains45

3 Police Station

This be cool to build out of lego and put police lego man - trains45

This is a lego set, it is in target and toy's r us. Price: about $100 - PewDiePie

4 Fire Station

I remember having a fire truck set out of lego may of had a fire station, can't remember - trains45

This is also in target and toys "r" us, it cost's like the same amount of the police station :3 - PewDiePie

5 Jet
6 Airport

This would be cool to build out of lego - trains45

Another lego set, I don't know if it's in target but I have seen it in toys "r" us and I forgot the price, try searching for it online. - PewDiePie

7 Bus

It be cool to build a bus out of lego - trains45

This comes with the lego city, I think this was the 1st lego edition. It doesn't cost as much I think - PewDiePie

8 Pistol

This is not a lego set, you will have to be creative and try to figure out how you are gonna make the pistol or go on and try looking at some videos on how to make a lego pistol - PewDiePie

9 Store

I remember building a store or something as a kid - trains45

I think this is a lego set to. - PewDiePie

10 Helicopters

It be cool to build a helicopter out of lego and put it at the lego airport - trains45

The Contenders

11 Car

I have built a car out of lego the odd time - trains45

12 Sports Stadium

I build a foosball out of lego I had a foosball thing and had to finish building it out of lego, then it was a foosball stadium game out of lego - trains45

13 Lego Money Safe

Now I don't think that this is a set, You will have to be creative and make it your self, I made my self one - PewDiePie

14 Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.
15 Human
16 Minifigures
17 Gamera Gamera is a giant monster or daikaiju originating from a series of Japanese tokusatsu films of the same name.
18 Animals
19 Stage
20 Giant Squid
21 King Kong
22 Mecha (Robot Suits)
23 Baseball Field

I built one and it was coll and very fun and easy to build

24 City
25 Space Ship
26 A Really Big LEGO Brick
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