Best Things to Buy at Aldi

The Top Ten

1 Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

They taste very rich, smooth, and creamy at a much lower price than in most other stores that don't have quality chocolate elsewhere (I'm from America though).

I really love the Choceur Peanut Butter Cups and they're just better than Reese's! - BurnAux

Chocolate > everything else - Votebotingsucks

Who doesn't like chocolate?

Only problem, my country does not have Aldi :( - BorisRule

2 Bread

Aldi needs to bring bread cutting machines to their US stores (Trader Joe's) - I80

3 Cheese

Who cut the cheese?

4 Maple Syrup
5 Milk
6 Eggs
7 Baked Goods
8 Spices
9 Nuts
10 Crackers

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11 Vegetables
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