Top Ten Things to Buy If You're a Billionaire


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21 Movies

I'd buy a bunch of movies! I love them so much, they're so interesting! - MontyPython

I can get so many movies! I'd buy slot! Try out some scary movies!

22 A Country
23 Mech Robot
24 Playboy Mansion
25 Models
26 A Poor Country

If I were I'd give a lot! But first I'll give to charity's and hospitals. Get money for people so they can find a cancer cure

If I were a billionaire, I'll give the poor as much as I could

27 Breast Augmentation
28 Huge Video Game Collection
29 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
30 An Iron Man Suit

Definitely one for me! - IronSabbathPriest

31 Undertale
32 Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery isn't good. Don't listen to the people who say that you need to have a flawless face and skin, pounds of expensive top designer clothes, shoes or make up brands, blond hair, a think body, and expensive shiny Jewellery to be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. - MLPFan

Seriously? All of that for plastic surgery? A fool and his money are soon parted but an absolute imbecile spends a fortune on plastic surgery. - PositronWildhawk

Why would I want to make this money maker uglier. I'm gorgeous already. We all are. Plastic Surgery sucks and I never will get it.

33 1959 Gibson Les Paul
34 100s of Pikmin
35 GameStop

Who doesn't want gamestop

36 Top Hat

Just to exaggerate to the Nth degree.

37 A Person V 1 Comment
38 2014 Koenigsegg Agera R

I am shocked this wasn't in the list. - SelfDestruct

39 A Giraffe
40 A Volkswagen Bus

You will be the literal pimp of the town. No joke. - higgsboson2142

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